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VIDEO: Piggy Dipping TikTok Trend, Viral Video Explored

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Tiktok is just not a way to showcase the talent of humans but is equally good for the animals too. You can find plenty of hilarious videos of animals making the viewers laugh out loud. Yes, recently a new piggy-dipping trend has popped up on TikTok to amuse the viewers, and literally, it’s making them crazy. Tiktok has always been a great platform to amuse the users every now and then and yet again it’s here with a different one. However, this new piggy dipping trend is really making a line go viral with its video.

Hope you’ve watched the video on the piggy-dipping trend by now.

What’s Piggy Dipping Trend Going Viral On Tiktok?

Well, the video piggy dipping is a hilarious video on TikTok that features a cat and its owner where she’s seen saying a line “piggy dipping, piggy dipping at the piggy pond”. Ever since the video surfaced on the internet everyone has been really liking it but guess what, people are more amazed at the lines said in the video.

@missus.weeb she’s dippin dem piggies in da wata #fypシ #cats ♬ original sound – ace

One of the viewers even tried to translate what the lady was trying to say by commenting “ a plus-size cat has dipped its paws into a pond of sorts….”. But despite the language sounding different in the trending video, it’s fun to watch it.

What’s Amazing About Piggy Dipping Trend?

You would be amazed that most of the viewers didn’t actually understand what the lady in the viral video was saying but they still loved it. In fact, the viral video got millions of likes too. However, you can’t expect a trend not to be tried by other viewers and hence despite not understanding the lines, viewers recreated the videos in their own way.

@chateaubarefoot An abomination. #piggydippin #janeausten #prideandprejudice #bridgerton #newyear
♬ Lovely – Lennard.Kastner

Viewer’s Reaction On The Piggy Dipping Video

Unfortunately, viewers commented that they didn’t exactly get what the lady in the video was trying to say and yet they found the video to be an amazing one. One of the viewers commented, “it’s like you’re speaking a language I’ve to know my whole life but never heard until this moment”.

@firstlightfarm Someone went Piggeh dippin at the watabow #piggydippin #piggydippinindapiggypond ♬ original sound – ace

It seems as if the viewers are having fun listening to the English of the lady in the viral piggy-dipping video. You can find several videos recreated with the same line of the original video and it’s literally trending.


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