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VIDEO: Carnival Cruise ship mass fight clip Goes Viral on Internet

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Carnival Cruise

Credit: Christina Mendenhall | Bloomberg | Getty Images


A fight was reported to have erupted on 28th June, Tuesday, on the Carnival Cruise ship, Carnival Magic. The news of this insight about this enormous fight was first detailed by Fox News Digital.

In the meantime, the Daily Mail claimed that around 40 to 60 people were engaged in the fight as it advanced to its pinnacle. According to the reports, the fight was at first begun by two people over cheating allegations.

The controversial fight occurred early Tuesday morning and reached an extreme in which the US Coast Guard needed to reach out. It occurred in the area of the cruise ship where the nightclub and casino were arranged. The footage of the fight has gone viral as countless media sources keep on using it.

Carnival Cruise Fight Video

The fight on the Carnival Cruise ship began around 2 am the point at which the two people started the altercation that progressively looped in additional individuals in the boat’s dance club and casino. Fox News additionally revealed that the fight had begun on the boat’s fifth floor.


Fox News interviewed a witness who was on the ship at that point. James says a supposed threesome is what ignited the dispute, with passengers becoming riled up after learning that their partners had participated in the ménage à trois.

James, who witness the hour-long battle from her door, saw beer bottles crushed and said a lady might have been cut during the fight. She said the guests were “ignorant idiots acting dumb” and commended the cruise security for how they dealt with the fight, saying the dispute might have been a ton more regrettable.

The video likewise exhibited that the security staff present on the carnival cruise ship was overpowered by the fight and had neglected to contain such a massive crowd. As per the New York Post, the security later called the Coast Guard to assist them with docking the ship in Manhattan.


NYPD Investigate The Fight On The Ship

Since the incident occurred on the last day of the journey, the US Coast Guards accompanied the boat to the Manhattan port. Afterwards, Fox News claimed that the New York Police Department (NYPD) had formally started an investigation concerning the fight. In the meantime, as referenced previously, Fox’s source claimed infidelity between passengers as the explanation for the fight. In any case, until the official investigation is wrapped up, the reason for the fight can’t be confirmed.

It is indistinct whether any people were arrested. If the incident was caused over international waters, Marshal Law could have been active. Hence, it additionally is not yet clear how many wards the NYPD might need to investigate the incident completely.


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