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Vanessa Angel and Febri Andriansyah, Tragic Death After Car Accident Explored

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Vanessa Angel an Indonesian actress and her husband Febri Andriansyah lost their lives in a car accident on 4th November 2021.
It was reported that the fatal accident took place at 12:36. The family was traveling on a highway in Mitsubishi Pajero.

About Vanessa Angel

Vaness was an actress in Indonesia. She was also a model and singer.
When she was young she appeared many times as a model in teen magazines. Later she made up her mind to dive deep into Indonesian entertainment.
She started her acting career in 2008 in Cinta Intan. The same year she received a role in the film Married by Accident. With co-actors Nikita Willy and Marcell Darwin.


About Febri Andriansyah

Vanessa’s husband’s name was Febri Andriansyah. They also have a 3-year-old baby named Gala Sky Andriansyah.
Febri was professionally an entrepreneur. He helped his wife with business ventures, LinVa Jewellery and Vanessa Wear.


What Happened To Vanessa Angel And Febri

Vanessa Angel and her husband Febri Adriansyah met with an accident on 4th November 2021. Both Vanessa and Febri died on the toll road from Jakarta to Surabaya in Jombang, East Java. The accident happened at 12:36 pm and also involved their 3-year-old son, his babysitter, and the family driver.

Jakarta Police suspected that the crash was caused because of over-speed limit driving and irresponsible driving.
The police also further explained that the crash was a single-car crash. The couple had died on spot. People investigating the crash believe that the driver might have been sleepy when he suddenly swerved the car. This caused the car to crash on the toll road guardrails. Vanessa’s and Febri’s bodies were then taken to Bhayangkara Hospital which is in Surabaya. Their baby, babysitter, and driver were immediately taken to Kertosono Hospital in Nganjuk for their treatment. Earlier the same day, Vanessa had posted a video of her family in their sport Pajero on Instagram. She was later known to be headed to attend an event.


The East Java police after seeing the condition of the car believe that the speed of the car possibly was above 100km per hour.
Vanessa Angel and Febri lost their lives on the spot. However, their son, driver, and babysitter survived the accident.
Their driver, Joddy has now been charged with negligent driving under Indonesia’s Traffic and Transport Law.


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