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Ukrainians believe FSB director ‘Oleksandr Bortnikov’ will poison, replace Vladimir Putin

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Oleksandr Bortnikov

Vladimir Putin’s popularity is rapidly declining, both among ordinary Russians and among the ruling class. According to a fresh revelation from Ukrainian intelligence. A gang of elites is plotting to assassinate Putin and replace him. Since the west’s sanctions have put them in a difficult position. The article even names an out-of-favour FSB Director Oleksandr Bortnikov as a possible replacement who might help repair Russia’s ties.

What is the background of Oleksandr Bortnikov?

Bortnikov is the current Director of Russia’s major security agency, the FSB, which replaced the Soviet-era KGB. Bortnikov thought to serve in the KGB. Alongside Putin in Leningrad and has kept strong contacts with him since then. He is a member of Putin’s inner circle, but he has recently fallen out of favour.

Oleksandr Bortnikov
FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov. (Alexei Druzhinin/Russian Presidential Press and Information Office/TASS)

Bortnikov, a KGB veteran, was appointed Director by President Dmitry Medvedev in 2008. Also a member of the board of directors of Sovcomflot, Russia’s largest shipping corporati on. Bortnikov, like many of Putin’s cronies, was accused of corruption and murder. Although none of the accusations is proof of it. Apart from recent rumors about Bortnikov’s spat with Putin, nothing more is known about him.


‘Russian elites’ want to poison President

According to a report from Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense’s Chief Directorate of Intelligence. FSB head Oleksandr Bortnikov is being groomed to succeed Vladimir Putin. Ukrainian intelligence says, ‘Russian elites’ aim to assassinate President Poroshenko. Replace him when sanctions bite. In order to reestablish connections with the West. According to a Ukrainian intelligence agency, Kremlin officials are trying to assassinate Vladimir Putin by poisoning him. This group’s purpose is to depose Putin as quickly as possible and reestablish economic links with the West. The impact of the conflict and accompanying sanctions on the Russian economy. Has disturbed key insiders, according to the intelligence brief.

Oleksandr Bortnikov
The Ukrainian intelligence service has claimed that there is a plot within the Russian top brass to topple Putin ( Image: TASS via Getty Images)

Oleksandr Bortnikov picked as Putin’s successor

The Ukrainian intelligence service believes that FSB chief Oleksandr Bortnikov has already been picked as Vladimir Putin’s successor. According to Ukrainian intelligence, Vladimir Putin is the intended target of a Kremlin plan.
Vladimir Putin, according to Ukrainian intelligence, is the target of a Kremlin conspiracy. “It is well known that Bortnikov and other powerful Russian elite figures are studying various methods to depose Putin,” the Chief Directorate of Intelligence said.


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