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Twitch Streamer PantsAreDragon Accused of Allegedly Demanding Photos from Minor

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YouTuber and Twitch streamer PantsAreDragon is accused of demanding explicit pictures from a minor. With streamers gaining popularity on the internet, their interactions with followers often land them in trouble too. This time, it’s PantsAreDragon who has been accused by a former fan.

Read on to learn more about Twitch streamer PantsAreDragon, who has been accused of demanding explicit pictures from a minor.

Former fan accuses Twitch streamer PantsAreDragon of demanding explicit pics from minor

YouTuber and Twitch streamer PantsAreDragon is one of the fastest-growing personalities on the internet, boasting a large following on YouTube and Twitch. While his content has garnered popularity, recent serious accusations have captured widespread attention.

The gamer has been accused by one former female fan. Post that has gone viral and there’s been drama getting more serious on social media already about it. As he has been accused of demanding explicit pics from a minor.


PantsAreDragon gets accused of demanding explicit pics from a minor

On February 12th of this year, a user with the handle @LuvLindsie shared a 44-page document of screenshots alleging that the streamer PantsAreDragon demanded explicit pictures from a minor. According to the shared document, this request came after winning a “skin code giveaway” and PantsAreDragon began asking for pictures from Lindsie.

During the conversation, the Twitch streamer also inquired about Lindsie’s age, to which she responded that she was 18. Additionally, the streamer asked Lindsie whether she was a virgin or not. According to Lindsie’s voice notes, the streamer referred to this inquiry as a “Super hot whisper.

More about PantsAreDragon and Lindsie drama

When asked for pictures by PantsAreDragon, Lindsie sent a picture of herself in swimwear. The streamer replied with “nice t*ts.” Moreover, the streamer allegedly asked Lindsie to become sexually involved with him in exchange for “diamonds” in the game.


Over being asked for pics sans clothing, Lindsie said “I don’t believe that asking to see any UNDERAGE nudity is okay. That is horrific and absolutely disgusting. I don’t think this type of person should be held high in any community. He needs to change and get help. There is no way to justify these actions”.

However, in response to the accusations, the streamer PantsAreDragon has claimed that the screenshots depicting him are photoshopped. The truth has yet to be determined.


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