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Twitch Streamer F1NN5TER Opens Up About Hormone Replacement Therapy Journey

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Jude “F1NN5TER,” a prominent Twitch streamer and content creator, recently took a significant step in sharing his personal journey with his audience. In a candid YouTube video, he revealed that he has started hormone replacement therapy (HRT), marking a pivotal moment in his life.

HRT, as explained by F1NN5TER, is a medical treatment commonly used by transgender individuals to align their physical characteristics with their gender identity. It involves the administration of hormones such as estrogen or testosterone to achieve desired gender-affirming changes.

In the video, which runs for just under four and a half minutes, F1NN5TER opened up about his decision to undergo HRT, shedding light on his thoughts and emotions surrounding the process. He confessed that the idea had been on his mind for about a year before he finally took the leap.


Despite previously evading questions from fans about his HRT journey, F1NN5TER felt compelled to address the topic openly and honestly. He explained that he had avoided discussing it in the past due to feelings of fear and uncertainty, but now feels ready to share his story with his audience.

One of the most poignant moments in the video was when F1NN5TER revealed his inner conflict about choosing a label to identify with. He expressed his ongoing struggle to define himself and emphasized that he is still in the process of discovering his true identity.

Reflecting on his decision to start HRT, F1NN5TER shared that he had created a list of pros and cons over a year ago to carefully consider the idea. To his surprise, the cons list was significantly shorter than expected, leading him to realize the importance of embracing his authentic self.

Throughout the video, F1NN5TER’s vulnerability and sincerity resonated with viewers, who praised him for sharing his journey with courage and authenticity. His willingness to open up about such a personal and transformative experience serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment for others navigating similar paths.


By publicly discussing his decision to undergo HRT, F1NN5TER has sparked meaningful conversations about gender identity, self-discovery, and acceptance within the gaming and streaming community. His story serves as a reminder that everyone’s journey is unique and deserving of respect and understanding.

As F1NN5TER continues his HRT journey, his supporters eagerly await further updates and stand behind him in solidarity and support. In embracing his true self, F1NN5TER has become a beacon of hope for those seeking validation and acceptance in their own identities.


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