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Try Guys Replaces Ned Fulmer With Pink Elephant In Their Latest Video: Fans React on Twitter

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After the departure of their fourth member, Ned Fulmer, Try Guys are back to releasing new videos. As well as addressing the elephant in the room metaphorically, the trio addressed the elephant in the room figuratively. In an apology to his fans and his wife after he struck up a consensual workplace relationship with the Try Guys on 27th September, Ned announced his departure from the band. Also confirming they would continue without Ned, the Try Guys now include Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang. It might have been the best decision the try guys have ever made to replace Ned with an elephant, one user tweeted.

Within a couple of days of the drama unfolding, the remaining Try Guys members sat down and explained what had happened in a video. As they had already shot content with Ned for future videos on the channel, they asked fans to be patient while they came up with a solution. It wasn’t long after the Try Guys made Pop-Tarts without a recipe that fans saw what the guys had decided to do. There are no scenes with Ned’s face or voice in the clip, and his face has been cut from most of the parts. Nevertheless, the trio decided to include an animated elephant in the scenes they were unable to edit as masterfully. While eagle-eyed viewers may see his T-shirt and torso during the judging portion of the video, as well as two hands peeling a banana later on.

Ted Guys Are Back With A New Video And Replace Ned Fulmer With A Elephant That Leaves The Internet Into A Frenzy

In a new video, the Try Guys address the elephant in the room after Ned Fulmer’s controversial exit. On Saturday, 19th November 2022, The Try Guys released a YouTube video titled The Try Guys Make Pop-Tarts Without A Recipe, in which they compete to make pop-tarts without a recipe. Editors creatively edited Ned’s face and voice out of the video since it was recorded before his exit. For shots where this wasn’t possible, a pink elephant was used to block Fulmer out. Following a “consensual workplace relationship,” Ned Fulmer was notified by the group that he would no longer be a part of The Try Guys on September 27, 2022.

Furthermore, on October 3, they posted a video that addressed the drama and explained how they planned to move forward with the content already shot with Fulmer. As soon as the elephant edit appeared in the latest episode, the internet went wild with praise. Editing this video must have been difficult, but the editors did an excellent job. My hat goes off to their editing abilities. According to a user, they all deserve massive raises, regardless of how much you pay them. The second user wrote, Tryguys, I wasn’t sure how the raw footage would work with you-know-who in the episode, but damn., it worked! Another user shared, This is the magnum opus of whoever edited it! Well done! I was not prepared for this, but the decision to replace Ned with an elephant might have been the best thing the Try guys ever did.


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