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Travis Kelce Denies Claims of Inventive ‘Fade Haircut’: ‘Absolutely Ridiculous,’ Says NFL Star

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Travis Kelce

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Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has rebutted the claim that he originated his popular fade haircut. A viral article asserted that numerous individuals have been requesting the “Travis Kelce haircut” at barbershops, attributing the hairstyle’s popularity to him. However, here’s what Travis Kelce had to say about it.

Read on to learn more about Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce refuting claims that he invented his popular fade haircut.

Travis Kelce and His Fade Haircut Goes Viral

An article credited Travis Kelce with popularizing his fade haircut, as he himself sports the same style. People have been requesting the identical cut both on TikTok and in barbershops, with the article even dubbing it “The Travis Kelce” haircut.

However, many have criticized the reference to it as the Travis Kelce cut, pointing out that the fade haircut has long been associated with Black culture and has deep ties to Black communities. Meanwhile, Travis has been credited with inventing the haircut, prompting the tight end to react to the controversy himself.

Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce Denies Inventing the Fade Haircut

During his recent press conference for Super Bowl LVIII opening night, Travis Kelce addressed the claims made in the viral article about his haircut. He vehemently dismissed the article’s assertions, labeling them “absolutely ridiculous.”

He added, “And to do it on February 1st to throw me into the wolves like that, that was messed up, man. I don’t want anything to do with that one, man.” About calling it his invention, he said “I didn’t invent that. I just asked for it”. Meanwhile, Travis’s barber, Patrick Regan, shared that Taylor Swift is a fan of Travis’s haircut.

Travis Kelce’s Barber, Patrick Regan, Shares Insights About the Tight End’s Haircut

Though Travis Kelce’s haircut has created quite a buzz on social media, with many crediting the tight end for its popularity, it was Patrick Regan, Kelce’s barber, who shared Taylor Swift’s thoughts on the haircut. Regan revealed that Taylor loves her boyfriend’s haircut.

Regan had told Fox News, “She has watched me cut his hair a bunch of times and always compliments it after”. Not to forget, it was in December that Regan had thanked Taylor for documenting his work on social media.


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