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Trainwreck’ Cryptic Tease: Next Kick Signings Set to ‘Devastate’ the Streaming Industry

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Trainwreck, co-founder of the streaming platform Kick, has sent shockwaves through the industry with a tantalizing teaser about upcoming signings that are poised to “devastate” the streaming scene.

Unprecedented Growth

In 2023, Kick signed up many famous streamers, getting some of the biggest names in the streaming world on board. Kick signed big names in streaming, including Amouranth and Adin Ross. The highlight was a $100 million deal with xQc. This aggressive spending has made Kick a big player in the tough streaming market.

After bringing in well-known creators, Kick has kept going, regularly adding both experienced and rising content makers to its team. The platform aims to build a varied and extensive lineup that appeals to a broad audience.

Trainwreck’s Cryptic Tease

Trainwreck, a popular streamer and one of Kick’s founders, shared a sneak peek of the platform’s upcoming plans on Twitter. In a tweet

, he declared, “when I return, the SCUFFED Podcast is returning with me, along with a $100K USD CS2 case opening. Until then, expect some signings that will devastate the industry.”

This cryptic message has stirred excitement in the streaming community. Trainwreck wants to bring change to the industry and create a supportive environment for smaller creators to thrive.

Trainwreck: The Return of SCUFFED Podcast and More

Along with the mysterious signings, Trainwreck suggested that the SCUFFED Podcast might be making a comeback after being on hold since 2021. Fans can look forward to a big $100,000 Counter-Strike 2 case opening when Trainwreck makes a comeback to streaming.

While Trainwreck has a habit of hinting at future signings for Kick, this time he has decided to keep the details secret. The streaming community is left speculating about who might be the next big names to join the Kick platform.


Diverse Signings and Unconventional Choices

Kick’s earlier signings demonstrated a commitment to diversity, going beyond traditional gaming content. Notable additions include Valorant pro players and Dota 2 pro Arteezy, showcasing Kick’s entry into the esports world. The platform has also made unexpected moves, such as signing celebrities like Tyga, adding an extra layer of intrigue to Kick’s growing appeal.

As Trainwreck prepares to unveil the next wave of signings, the streaming community is eagerly awaiting the revelation of who these industry-altering figures might be. Kick’s ability to consistently surprise and diversify its talent pool positions it as a force to be reckoned with in the dynamic and ever-evolving streaming landscape.


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