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Tommy DeBarge Died at 64: How did The Member of R&B group Switch die?

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Tommy DeBarge Died

Tommy DeBarge age 64 a member of the R&B group Switch died after suffering from kidney and liver disease. He was hospitalized for weeks before the news came in. 
On Thursday, Tommy DeBarge’s sibling Etterline “Bunny” DeBarge. Posted this upsetting information on Facebook, along with a clip of her brother playing music.
She added, “Tommy has found his feathers.” The message was also published on the musician’s official Facebook page.
“Rest peacefully in Heaven, Beloved Thomas DeBarge,” said a second message.

We too wish that Tommy DeBarge now is in peace and resting well after struggling with his illness for years. According to a close relative of the singer. He has been suffering from liver and renal disease for years and has lately decreased in condition. He was admitted to the emergency department a few weeks earlier and passed away on Thursday, according to the publication.

Through singles like “There’ll Never Be,” “I Call Your Name,” and “Love Over & Over Again”. Tommy DeBarge as well as his group became famous in the 1970s.


Tommy DeBarge Musical Career

The band, which was established by the vocalist and his brother Bobby, had a huge effect on R&B artists for generations. Including the band DeBarge, which has been composed of the star’s family members. Tommy and Bobby departed Switches to coach their relatives in DeBarge. Which went on to have successes such as “I Like It,” “Time Will Reveal”. As well as “A Dream.” Debarge members all were his family, therefore they were all tight.

Tommy DeBarge Died

Gregory Williams founded Switch in 1976, together with Phillip Ingram, Eddie Fluellen, and Jody Sims. Soon afterward establishing, they were hired to a division of the legendary Motown label. The song “There’ll Never Be” is from their self-titled first album. Issued in 1978, made it to number 36 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was the band’s first top 40 success. The group didn’t break up once the DeBarge siblings left.

Rather, they recruited newcomers and continued to record music. Bobby DeBarge died of AIDS-related illnesses at the age of 39 in 1995. The switch is acknowledged to have influenced and inspired artists in several ways. DeBarge inspired groups like Tony! Toni! Toné! and Mint Condition are certainly showing their impact.

Tommy DeBarge Book

Tommy DeBarge book, There’ll Never Be: A Story of Forgiveness is a poignant autobiography of Thomas DeBarge. He is a musician, performer, and eldest brother of the DeBarge family inside the music world. The skies used to be the bar for Thomas “Tommy” DeBarge. Thomas believed that things would indeed be excellent for him. And always out there as a member of Motown’s famous funk and soul group period. His hopes became a horror due to his arrogant rejection of God’s teachings.


At the conclusion of his journey, he found hardship and alcoholism. Tommy Debarge now is a person working with the consequences of his choices. Through the experience of individuals coming and leaving his life at different stages. He realized that perhaps the path to recovery was something that he would have to travel solo; simply him and God.


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