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TJ Osborne Boyfriend: Is Abi Ventura Boyfriend of TJ? Kiss in CMA Awards Explored

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TJ Osborne

Last night’s CMA Awards witnessed an adorable moment between TJ Osborne and his boyfriend Abi Ventura. After TJ came out as gay in February this year, this is the first time we’ve seen his boyfriend. 

So who is Abi Ventura-

A quick search through Instagram revealed that Abi’s full name is Abiezer Ventura. His profile is not public. While he has around 1600 followers. 

It looks like Abi isn’t a fan of the spotlight because his name is everything we know about him. Their relationship timeline is also unknown since TJ has never revealed about Abi. TJ, who has 89.9 k Instagram followers has never posted about Abi on his account. He is preferring to keep this relationship away from the public eye for a while. 

TJ Osborne and  Abi Ventura

Since TJ’s age is 36 years, we’re assuming Abi might be in his late twenties or mid-thirties. We also do not know anything about Abi Ventura’s net worth or his place of birth. 

After TJ won the award, he kissed his beau and while delivering his acceptance speech he said, “It’s been a crazy roller coaster of a year for us in so many ways, especially for me emotionally.” He added, “And to have you all support me, it really does feel like love wins tonight. Thank you,” he continued.” Fans went crazy after TJ kissed Abi publicly and they cannot stop feeling happy for the couple.

Fans are also speculating that both of them might have started dating after TJ came out. 

TJ revealed his sexual preference in February

In an interview earlier this year, TJ revealed to TIME Magazine that he was gay. 

TIME stated-“What may come as a surprise to the b and’s fans is the news that TJ, 36, is gay. This isn’t a recent revelation for him; he’s known since he was young, and he’s been out to family and friends in his tight-knit Nashville community for years,”


TJ’s own words were also mentioned in the article. He said, “I’m very comfortable being gay… I find myself being guarded for not wanting to talk about something that I personally don’t have a problem with. That feels so strange.”

Since then fans, friends, and family have poured in support and praised him for disclosing his sexuality.


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