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TikTok’s Berry Family: The Viral Wolf Pack Household

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Berry family TikTok



Berry family on TikTok are making all love them a lot as they pretend or portray themselves as wolves on the platform. TikTok has evolved as one of the biggest platform on the internet that allows users with any type of content to go viral. This is the reason why we have had so much varied content on the app. While recently the Berry family is all that’s grabbing everyone’s attention.

Read ahead to know more about Berry family on TikTok goes popular pretending to be a wolf family.

Who’s the Berry family on TikTok?

Be it an individual or a family, every user has been welcomed on TikTok provided their content is appropriate for others to see it. While you may have seen even some animals go viral on TikTok. The Berry family or call them the wolf family is also someone hard to miss.

While if you have been knowing the Berry family or the wolf family already. You would have known why they are so famous on TikTok. However, for all those who don’t know about them, the Berry family is one of the family on TikTok who pretends like wolves having each one of them their own specific personality. That’s the reason why they are even famous as the wolf family on the platform.

What makes the Berry family viral on TikTok?

Basically, the Berry family someone going popular on TikTok for their uniqueness of content. As the family pretends to show the wolf alter egos of themselves. Each of the Berry family members is playing a wolf character having their own specific role.

@berryqueens5 because you all loved the first one so much…. #zombies #sassy #mood #mummaberry #coffeewolf #pack #alpha #leader #trust #fyp #loyalty #foryoupageofficiall #family #parentsoftiktok @Berry Family @mummaberry ♬ We own the night – Daniel Torrez

The wolf family thus has five female wolf characters or members. As they are Mumma, Miraclejade, Faith, Paige, and Lacey. Mumma is the mother or Alpha to the other four girls. While Miraclejade is the “pup in training”, Faith is the “coffee wolf”, Paige is a moody wolf and Lacey is the sassy wolf.


Users’ reaction to viral Berry family of TikTok

Users apart from trying new trends and challenges themselves on TikTok also love seeing other TikTokers with their unique content. Berry family or the wolf family has been one such family that’s making all love them.

Users of TikTok have been enjoying the Berry family pretending to be the wolf characters with each one of them having a different role to play. Not to miss, they are currently having more than 120k followers of them on TikTok. While some of their videos have even gotten millions of views on them.


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