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TikToker Turning Mcdonald’s Happy Meal Into Pasta Goes Viral

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Mcdonald’s Happy Meal

Credit: TikTok


Tiktok with its growing user base is getting more and more viral content as recently a video of a chef went viral turning McDonald’s Happy Meal into pasta. Well sounds crazy but it’s true. No doubt we are getting a lot of content these days coming straight from the kitchen. But what’s hard to miss in all those final dishes that come out.

Read ahead to know more about TikTok going viral with a chef turning McDonald’s Happy Meal into pasta.

Tiktok chef goes viral for turning McDonald’s Happy Meal into pasta

Certainly, active TikTok users have been aware of how rapidly content goes viral on TikTok. While there are literally all types of content available on TikTok. Some of the amazing content comes from the kitchen. Well yes, some of the recipes have just blown away everyone’s mind.


Like the one we recently got when a chef was presented with the challenge of turning a McDonald’s Happy Meal into something amazing. Guess what? The chef just nailed it when she turned the Happy Meal into pasta. The video of which has been going viral all over TikTok.

@dannygrubs McDonalds Happy Meal turned gourmet✨ #McDonalds #FoodTok #FoodHacks ♬ original sound – Danny Kim

How did the chef turn McDonald’s Happy Meal into pasta?

The viral video of the chef on TikTok shows DannyGrubs reaching out to chef Amy Brandwein for turning the McDonald’s Happy Meal into something amazing. Amy then accepts the challenge and turns the whole Happy Meal into a gourmet meal. While the Happy Meal had chicken Mc Nuggets, apple pies, French fries, and sweet & sour sauce.

To make pasta filling thus she took Mc Nuggets, french fries, and apple pies. Then she had her own pasta with tortellini that was made using the filling. While she finally fried them and used leftover crumbs of apple pies and sweet & sour sauce to create toppings. After which the final dish was just mind-blowing.


Users reaction to chef turning McDonald’s Happy Meal into pasta

As the chef turned the whole McDonald’s into pasta. Users were in disbelief to see how it all turned into something they weren’t expecting. The viral video of the chef in fact has made everyone give their reaction to it.

As most of the users praised the creativity of the chef with the meals. While many of them couldn’t believe the transformation of the meal.


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