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TikToker Neyo White filed suit against Diamond Facez Skin Care Bar Over Botched Chemical Peel Procedure

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Neyo White

A TikTok user named Neyo White accused an Atlanta- based spa to ruin his face after a facial went wrong.

Neyo White went viral on TikTok last month after he posted a clip where he shared the horrible situation that left him with severe injuries.

White filed a suit against Diamond Facez Skincare Bar after claiming that the chemical peel they used left him with discolored splotches all over his face. Let’s know more about it.

TikTok user went viral after an Atlanta spa left him with chemical peel burns 

According to Neyo White, the facial was conducted on 17th February. He had previously visited the establishment for mild treatments. Following his revelation, White posted numerous photos and videos of his face which are covered in dark blotches.

Neyo White shared his feeling with a caption that read, “My life is over. I don’t know what else to do.”

White further added that he had never received a chemical peel before and wasn’t sure what to expect when he visited the spa on 17th February.

The Georgian man claims that when the process started he felt an intense burning-like feeling on his face. He expressed his affliction to the esthetician who reassured White by saying that the sensation was normal.

After the chemical peel procedure was over White’s face remained a white and gray color. He asked the esthetician about it and she replied by telling him that it will dry up in a few hours.

He continued by adding that the spots kept getting darker from then on. Initially, he also was not too concerned about it. Days later however the dark splotches began to look like burns and he decided to seek treatment.

The clip also stated that the esthetician who also happens to be the owner of the spa declined to refund his money. She also refused to take any responsibility for the horrific incident. For that reason, Neyo White decided to file a suit against the spa.

He also launched a GoFundMe page to help him pay medical fees, visits to the hospital, along with the cost of legal bills.

Additionally, Neyo White said that multiple attorneys have contacted him to take his case. He is however taking his time before filing an official lawsuit.

Diamond Facez response to the allegations

Shamari-Rene Cherry, owner of Diamond Facez responded by saying she had warned Neyo White before that the healing process takes time. He didn’t trust the process and overreacted.


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