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TikTok: What is “Reverse AI filter” Trend? How to participate and Videos Explored

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TikTok reverse AI filter

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TikTok is having a trend as the “reverse AI filter” to going crazy after that has made all fall for it. As more and more users are coming across this trend. Well, in case you haven’t come across this trend yet. Then here we have everything to know about this trend right here. So, what is the viral trend “reverse AI filter trend” all about?

Read ahead to know TikTok’s new viral reverse AI filter trend.

TikTok finds another reverse AI filter trend

Well, while the AI trend on TikTok going popular isn’t something new. We came across such a trend involving the use of AI several times before. Something similar we got hold of recently too on TikTok that’s called the reverse AI filter trend.

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This trend has gone immensely popular on the platform. Where lots of users have tried it too. This trend is basically a filter that makes the trend go viral with its concept. Which creates images using this filter to try. If you haven’t tried this here’s how you can.

What’s making the reverse AI filter trend go viral on TikTok?

Unlike some of the other AI trends of TikTok. This trend of TikTok called the reverse AI filter trend is a bit different. Being a filter trend this trend creates a heavily edited image of an original pic. Which looks like a painting.

After which users post it on TikTok. Now trying this reverse AI filter trend makes one first post the edited image be sent first. While users next send the original image on TikTok to show all how much the filter edits a pic. Several users have tried this trend so far and enjoyed it.

Users’ reaction to TikTok’s reverse AI filter trend

TikTok users have been always loving the AI trend on the app. Sometimes back we got a trend where entering one’s name would create an image on TikTok. That went extremely popular on the app. Well, something similar is with this reverse AI filter trend too.

Users have been trying this trend by sending the edited image created by the reverse AI filter trend. So that other users can guess the original image of it. They have been trying this trend with their friends too.

@lesliev702 Replying to Good luck with that. 😘 #ai #cloudussy #filter #spicytok ♬ I Think I Like When It Rains – WILLIS
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