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TikTok: What is ‘I don’t like this game’? Viral Trend Explained

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I don’t like this game TiKTok

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TikTok is lately making all obsessed with one of its trends and that’s the “I don’t like this game” trend. Well, if you are an active user of TikTok then you surely won’t have missed this trend. However, if you are new to the “I don’t like this game” trend. Then you are at the right place to know all about this viral trend making all crazy over it.

Read ahead to know more about TikTok’s new “I don’t like this game” trend and all about it.

TikTok finds another amazing trend with “I don’t like this game”

TikTok is a hub of viral trends and challenges and yes we can’t deny they are fun to try too. Well, we have got one such trend on the app back again with the viral “I don’t like this game” trend. This trend is an amusing one to try.

@toodirtydom 🤣🙌🏻 #fyp ♬ original sound – toodirtydom

Though it is still not out where this trend actually began. However, we have found one of the videos on this trend from a user going viral. That has got so far 15 million views and even likes of about more than 2 million on it.

What’s making “I don’t like this game” trend of TikTok go viral?

The hilarious trend of I Doesn’t Like This Game of TikTok is in one of its popular video shows trying this funny trend. One of the users toodirtytom, had a video on 10th November. Where one is seen playing a game of tagging another person.

However, the funny twist comes into the trend when the guy is about to get caught in the game of tag. He turns and says “Stop! I don’t like this game”. Which has made others comment on the same and give their hilarious response on it.

@_tarta5_ #duet
with @toodirtydom #fyp This would by 13 year old 😂😂 #candycrush10 #comedy #foryoupage #foryou ♬ original sound – toodirtydom

Users’ reaction to “I don’t like this game” trend of TikTok

Users have been going crazy over the viral TikTok’s “I don’t like this game” trend. Which is making all love it and try it in their own way. Yes, users have tried the trend themselves but with their own funny twist to it. That’s making others give it a try as well.

Meanwhile, we had the toodirtytom’s viral video getting a reaction from TikTok users. As one of the user wrote “Bruh this is really how kids act”. While another user said, “kids would do this only not to get tag than would want to play again”.


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