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TikTok trend over zombie apocalypse in China debunked

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Several TikTokers believe that a zombie apocalypse is about to happen in 2022. Although the rumors of TikTok are a complete lie, what caused all of this?

Here is everything you need to know.

How did the zombie apocalypse rumor start in TikTok?

According to a media outlet, the rumor stemmed from an online article titled We Are The Might which was published on 16th July 2021 on a site.

The piece is written by Ruddy Cano and starts by claiming, ‘This is how a zombie apocalypse is most likely to start in China.’

The writer mentioned that a communist nation such as China is most likely to start a zombie apocalypse. He added that the country’s officials would keep the outbreak a secret until it reaches out of their control.

Cano took a reference from the tragedy of the Chornobyl disaster that took place in 1986. 

He wrote, ‘Communist countries have time and again chosen to suppress information until it is no longer deniable. In 1986, when the Chornobyl disaster happened, the Soviet Union refused to acknowledge a problem until other countries had irrefutable proof something was wrong.’

The article further pointed out that the Chinese people believe that ‘losing face’ after making is possibly ‘worse than the mistake.’

He further quoted a statement from Max Brooks’s fictitious book called World War Z.

The sentence read, ‘By refusing to admit the truth of the zombies’ outbreak to the world, the Communist Chinese government aided its spread due to misinformation about what was actually happening.’

The writer said if an apocalypse did happen in China, the citizens would do anything to conceal the outbreak. He asserted that they would not appreciate looking ‘powerless’ before the rest of the world.

The article further noted that the Chinese population would even lie to hide their mistake. He noted that the people would say that, ‘the outbreak was natural rather than criminal negligence.’

Social media users react to the zombie apocalypse rumor

Many users actually believed the silly rumor floating around the internet. They took to various social media platforms to share their views on it.


One user shared, ‘Lowkey hope that the china zombie thing is real. I’m so tired of living under capitalism.’

Another user wrote, ‘Idk if this Zombie thing in China is real or not, so I’m gonna start praying now just in case.’

Someone said, ‘why people on TikTok be saying there are zombies in china.’

Moreover, another noted, ‘I saw some TikTok saying there were zombies in china.’


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