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Tiktok Star Issey Moloney Criticize Haters After Buying London Home

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Issey Moloney

Who is Issey Moloney? Tiktok Star Criticize Haters After Buying London Home | Instagram/x__issey__x


A TikTok star of 17 years age Issey Moloney has just slammed her haters after buying a home in London. The TikToker has got popular with her work and has managed to buy a home that’s her first home at a such young age. While her haters have been pulling her leg on social media, she has revealed how tough it has been to reach where she is right now.

Read ahead to know more about TikToker Issey Moloney slamming her haters by buying her first home.

Who is TikToker Issey Moloney?

Issey Moloney is a social media influencer who is actively popular on Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube. While is was born in England and is just 17 years old. Her success at a such young age is hard to miss.


Her popularity can be estimated by her number of followers that’s more than 5 million on TikTok. Also, she has more than 220k followers on Instagram. Not to miss, she is actively popular on YouTube too where she posts videos on her life and other highlights of her life.

Issey Moloney has bought her first home in London

TikToker Issey Moloney is not only earning through her social media but also with her ties with the brand Bo+ Tee and Lounge. Meanwhile, her TikTok videos and YouTube videos are making her earn too. As Issey is just 17 years old right now, her biggest success has already come in her life.

TikToker and YouTuber Issey has recently bought her first home in London that too at a such young age. In fact, she recently talked about how she kept things going while her haters were busy doing their work.


TikToker Issey Moloney talked about dealing with haters

It was recently while talking to the Daily Star, that the TikToker revealed how she was being treated with friends as she herself was of a friendly nature. Meanwhile, she also revealed how people pretended to be knowing a lot about her life and gave advice that she never asked for.


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Though Issey managed to get her success at a really young age, her haters have been always there to pull her leg. However, she dealt with all of that and answered them well by sharing the news that she has bought her first home in London so early.


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