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TikTok: RCTA Meaning Explained as Controversial race concept viral on Social media

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RCTA is the new viral thing on TikTok that’s grabbing everyone’s attention these days. While there have been many trends on TikTok having the use of acronyms in it. The one that’s popular as the RCTA is not exactly a trend. Yet it is going all viral on the app. But what does the acronym RCTA means on TikTok?

Read ahead to know more about RCTA going popular on TikTok.

RCTA is the new viral thing on TikTok

TikTok has been having a variety of trends and challenges on the app. While it could be a dance, or a song winning the hearts of all on one side. There can be even glitches and acronyms going viral too on TikTok. Well, the latest thing going viral on TikTok is also something similar.

It’s an acronym called the RCTA. RCTA is going so popular on TikTok that it has been on the app with so far getting more than 5 million views. Yet, a lot of people are unaware of what this acronym stands for and why it is going viral on TikTok.

What does RCTA means on TikTok?

One of the user @kyamewa has already come up with an explanation for the word RCTA on TikTok. As it stands for Race Change To Another. However, what it tries to convey is a transition into another ethnicity. Moreover, RCTA is not liked by a lot of people.

@d0llivez Explaining RCTA #MessFreeHero #GenshinTeleport #rctaz #fypシ #japanese ♬ melt bitter – sato moka

As it is being taken as something that tries to convey the change or transition of one into South-Asian ethnicity these days. This is basically due to the popularity nowadays of k-pop, k-drama and similar things are gaining. Hence, it is getting mixed reactions over it.

@minaryeon im sorry im not good at explaining 😅 #minaryeon #fyp #blowup #foryou
#viral ♬ i fancy you – ༺ʚ♥︎ɞ༻

Users’ reaction to RCTA going viral on TikTok

For all those who were not aware of the term RCTA and its meaning. They didn’t give any reaction on the same however a lot of users have been critical of this acronym and its popularity on TikTok. In fact, some of the users have found it to be disrespectful and racist as well.

As users have not like the fact of the transition RCTA stands for. That has given the users to criticize the whole thing going viral on TikTok. Several memes too have gone viral for criticising the whole concept of RCTA.


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