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TikTok: “It’s a chicken salad” Viral Trend Explained

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It’s a chicken salad

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TikTok has found yet another trend to go viral on the app with “It’s a chicken salad” trend. Well, we have been getting varied types of trends to try on TikTok. Over time a whole new range of trends has come on the app. However, the “It’s a chicken salad” trend is something different and you must know about it if you aren’t aware of it.

Read ahead to know more about Tiktok’s viral “It’s a chicken salad” trend.

TikTok’s new viral “It’s a chicken salad” trend

TikTok has been giving a lot of trends and challenges to try. Be it lip sync type or any other, all go viral on the app. Well, recently we had one of the trends as “It’s a chicken salad” trend that’s making all try it. In fact, so far the video has already been viewed 22 million times.


♬ original sound – 81stdeli

While many are using the sound of “It’s a chicken salad” trend to make their own videos for the trend. However, if you have not been able to check this trend yet. Then it’s a trend that came back in August in 2022. However, a month later it went viral on the app again.

What’s making “it’s a chicken salad” go viral on TikTok?

The trend of “it’s a chicken salad” came when a user Tanisha Godfrey had a video showing a salad in front of her that had one of the people ask her what it was. To which she said, “it’s a chicken salad”.


S/O oh my soul in NC… YALL kept messing up my delivery but it was bussin 😖🤠

♬ original sound – 81stdeli

In fact that video has been all about the deli she got it from while it also had the ingredients of that chicken salad in the video. Apart from that, now the trend is going viral with its “it’s a chicken salad” sound.


Users’ reaction to “it’s a chicken salad”

With the new obsession being in this “it’s a chicken salad”. We have many of the users of TikTok trying this trend in their own way. In fact, so many of them have made a funny videos using the “it’s a chicken salad” sound that’s going viral on TikTok.

Moreover, recently we even had Lizzo lip-syncing to Tanisha’s line “ it’s a chicken salad” while the singer was having her fried chicken waffle sandwich. Certainly, all have been loving this sound of the trend a lot.


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