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TikTok: Is The Sunbathing Hack Safe? As Users Are Being Warned Against The Trend

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Tiktok these days is trending as a sunbathing hack on the app and users are busy trying it but wait, experts have something to say about this hack that you must not miss out on. Yes, TikTok has almost every variety of content on it including hacks that goes viral in no time. But what’s this sunbathing hack trending so much on TikTok all about?

Read ahead to know more about the TikTok trends and sunbathing hacks on the app.

Sunbathing hack trend goes viral on TikTok

Hacks that make life easier are always in trend. Similar is with TikTok as well. Even TikTok is full of content that has numerous hack trends on it. Yes, recently a sunbathing hack went viral that made users think about it whether it works or not.

In fact, the viral video of sunbathing hack actually has got more than 5 million views on it. As many are thinking about trying this hacked trend. Well, if you haven’t come across this hack yet. Then here we are to tell you all about it.

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What is sunbathing hack trend all about?

Although we keep getting numerous trends of hack on TikTok. Yet this sunbathing hack trend is actually about the hack that claims of tanning a body. Yes, in this hack people can be seen making a spray with a moisturizer and water. After which they keep spraying it on their body during sunbathing.

While this hack looks amazing to try. However, users are confused about whether it actually works or not. Meanwhile, amid the doubt about this hacked trend, experts have already checked out this trend and given their reactions to it. So, is this hack safe to try or not? Here’s what the experts have said about the hack.


Experts advise on the viral sunbathing hack of TikTok

Though the sunbathing hack has gone viral on TikTok. However, users have been trying to know if the hack is safe or not. But experts have tried to give a strong reason why you must not try this hack. According to one of the experts, their advice is not to trust this hack.

Without having an SPF 30 and more cream applied to the body, one cannot be safe in the sun. Hence, if you try this hack then it may expose one’s skin more to the sun further resulting in a condition of skin cancer as well. So, experts do advise not to try this trend as it can be unsafe for all.


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