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TikTok chicken tenders diet goes viral as User loses 66lbs With diet

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chicken tenders diet



TikTok has got hold of another video of a chicken tenders diet that has made a user lose about 66lbs with th diet. Yes, this diet is certainly making everyone shocked as others are trying to know about this diet more and more. Well, if you haven’t come across this trend. Then here we are to tell you all about it.

Read ahead to know more about TikTok’s viral video of the chicken tender diet.

TikTok trends a viral chicken tender diet

TikTok is a hub for several viral videos that are often about fitness or recipes or something else. Similar is the new diet trend that’s grabbing a lot of attention. The viral diet is going popular on TikTok which is going popular as a better alternative to fast food.


In fact, the reason why it’s trending so much on TikTok is that it’s a recipe that can help one get fit by losing weight. Yes, all those who are looking for some fitness hacks are trying to know about this recipe that’s called the chicken tender diet.

Why is chicken tender recipe gaining popularity on TikTok?

You may have come across a lot of fitness recipes that promise of giving a healthy and fit body. Similar is with chicken tender diet as well. As one of the TikTok user @mrbrynes has lost about 66lbs using his chicken tender diet.

Well, that claim has certainly made everyone curious to know if it really works or not. These low-calorie chicken tenders were a part of the TikTokers diet making him lose 66lbs. Serving a good alternative for losing weight.


Users reaction on the viral chicken tender diet

Well for all those who are looking to get fitter. The viral chicken tender diet is surely making them crazy to try it. The popularity of the video can be out to the fact that it has already got more than 1 million likes over it.

While it is still growing popular among the users. Not to miss, previously there have been several videos of recipes going viral that gave fitness freaks a new trend to try. But users now are more obsessed with this new chicken tender diet that’s serving as a better substitute for the fast-food to try now.


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