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TikTok Butter Girl: Dips butter into everything, Fans Worried About Health

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Butter Girl TikTok



Butterrgirll: Tiktok certainly leaves everyone shocked & amazed at the contents of creator one that happened with the Butter Girl. Well, Butter Girl has clearly made a huge fan following on social media especially on TikTok with her content of using too much butter in the videos. But what exactly she does do with the butter?

Read ahead to know more about TikTok’s Butter Girl going viral.

Butter Girl on tiktok going viral

If you remembered there was a content creator on TikTok called the Liver King. What was special about him was that he used a raw meat diet often. Well, the Butter Girl is kind off something similar in that sense. The TikToker known as the Butter Girl is actually Cece, that’s her real name.

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And what she does in her TikTok videos is she dips a whole pack of butter into anything edible and eats it. Certainly, eating that much butter along with some weird combos like pickles, yoghurt, juice, sauce, etc makes everyone thinks how does she do it.

Fans of Butter Girl seems worried for her health

While we all know that excess butter can result in high cholesterol in the body and eventually affect the heart badly. Seeing Butter Girl eating so much butter has made her fans worried for her health.

Her fans have clearly commented on her video of eating butter that she will end up affecting her health badly. However, she seems to be totally fine including the excess quantity of butter in her videos. Not to miss, her videos too get millions of views and she seems to get more of it.

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Butter Girl’s reaction on the concerned fans

Though, Butter Girl has got around 890k followers on her TikTok account. Her videos have been flooded with comments of concern from her fans. But is she taking the comments seriously? Certainly not. On getting health scare comments from her fans, she shared that she got addicted to eating butter ever since she was in high school.

Also, she shared that she has got so many followers as she shares the video of herself eating butter. As such it seems obvious that Butter Girl is in no mood to stop eating an excess of the butter as she is she’s enjoying it.

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