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TikTok: Body Checking trend explored as experts find it disturbing and triggering

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TikTok Body Checking

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TikTok finds a viral trend called the Body Checking trend that has experts concerned over it. Well, we have had several fitness-related hacks and trends on the app that users loved to try. The one called the Body Checking trend on TikTok is certainly not something appreciable. But what’s wrong with the Body Checking trend?

Read ahead to know more about TikTok’s Body Checking trend going viral.

TikTok finds a new viral Body Checking trend

If you have been active on TikTok then you must have seen how popular fitness-related trends go viral on the app. Well, the new viral Body Checking trend too is something similar. Which has made many of the users fall for it. Though if you haven’t come across this one yet. Then it’s something related to the physique.

There have been several videos made on this trend so far. Where some of the users are trying to attain the desired body shape shown in the viral video. However, it isn’t something easy and appreciated by the experts. As experts have warned against this trend.

What’s the Body Checking trend all about?

With millions of views on the Body Checking trend. We see users in this type of trend wearing loose clothes to make an illusion of being overweight. However, when they pull that loose dress their actual body shows up which is slim and skinny.

No doubt, some users have been obsessed with this trend. As they too have tried this trend to make themselves look slim and skinny. However, before you dive into this trend. You must check out what experts have to say about this trend and if it’s worthy to be tried.


Experts warn against Body Checking trend

Though the Body Checking trend has been going viral on TikTok. We have had experts look into this trend as well. As it seems that experts are surely not happy with the trend. Some experts have warned that users might alter their diet due to the trend causing them to have eating disorders and illnesses as well.

While one of the experts said that this trend can lead to a fat phobia. Due to this some of the users might hate their bodies that are not as skinny as in the viral trend. Hence, one must not fall for such trends.


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