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The Walkmen’s ‘2023 Revenge Tour’ Setlist: Dates, Schedule, and Other Details

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2023 Revenge Tour

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The Walkmen band is on their Revenge Tour in 2023 and fans can get a glimpse of its setlist now. It’s been a treat for the fans of The Walkmen to have them perform on their tour after so long. It was about a decade back that fans got to know the band wouldn’t be together to perform. However, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert brought the band back into action.

Read ahead to know more about The Walkmen’s Revenge Tour 2023 and more updates about it.

The Walkmen’s Revenge Tour 2023 dates announced

The Walkmen band is back again for their fans with the Revenge Tour 2023 and fans couldn’t be happier. The dates of the tour were announced some time back. In fact, the Revenge Tour 2023 has already begun with its first show on 13th September 2023 at Lincoln Theatre, Washington DC.


The next upcoming shows of the band are going to take place on the 21st, 24th, 26th, and 29th of September. Also, they are to perform on 2nd, 3rd, and 11th October 2023. So, yes you’ll have plenty of shows to see the band perform live on. They are also to perform their hit tracks this time.

What’s special about the Revenge Tour 2023 of The Walkmen?

It’s indeed been very special for both The Walkmen and his fans to meet one another again live after years. As their Revenge Tour begins this September, the band promises their hit and best tracks to be performed live for the fans. So, you can have memories refreshed again with The Walkmen.

The setlist of the Revenge Tour 2023 has songs like “What’s In It For Me”, “On The Water”, “In The New Year”, “The Rat”, “Wake Up”, “Little House Of Savages”, “New Year’s Eve”, “Four Provinces”, “Red Moon”, “I Lost You”, “Heaven” and many more amazing tracks.


More about the Revenge Tour 2023 of The Walkmen

Upon reuniting again after years for the Revenge Tour 2023, Peter Matthew Bauer said “The Last few weeks have been an absolute blast. Honestly, when we decided to get back together to play these shows, we had no idea if anyone would show up. It’s been an incredible joy seeing all these people out there, playing these shows, getting to run into old friends from all over the world”.

Not to forget, The Walkmen with their Revenge Tour 2023 are coming up in Denver, Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Toronto. So, don’t miss the chance to catch the band performing their iconic tracks live for you all this year.


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