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The Resident’ Producer Andrew Chapman on Nic Nevin’ Death in Season 5 Episode 3

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Nic Nevin

In this episode, on Tuesday night it was hard to bid goodbye for Emily VanCamp as her character Nic Nevin had a severe injury in The Resident. Conrad was in hope that somehow she is gonna survive.

Nick was braindead, Conrad was in his vulnerable moment. A patient’s wife assured him “you have to carry nick inside you now- for you and your daughter”. After Nic died, Conrad was now a single father. Eight transplant patients received Nic’s organs.

Andrew Chapman on Nic's Death

Executive producer Andrew Chapman said “We had a sense that Emily VanCamp was going to leave the show at the end of last season, but we weren’t entirely sure. And then at the beginning of this season, we found out she was, and that she was unavailable to be in episodes 1 and 2. And so we scrambled, but we had a sense that this was going to happen. We just debated in the writers’ room long and hard, over the course of many weeks, about how best to honor the character, how best to give Nic Nevin a sendoff that was both honored the character but also felt grounded and realistic. That was something that would feel like could happen — and it wasn’t easy. It was hard.”


Andrew Chapman on the Emily VanCamp’s Character Nic Nevin?

There was no other way of killing such a good character like Nic, how fans denied killing her. Moreover, she had good relationships with her husband and family. This was the right way she could have left the show.

Nic’s death was heroic because her organs were donated, what was the approach of making sure that the death of Nic leaves important meaning?

We decided to show it as realistic as it can be, moreover had four doctors as writers, two consultants who were doctors. We took this scene very seriously to keep it medical grounded. we talked about how to call somebody braindead. There were so many debates going on, on zoom calls with doctors and deciding the scene how it could be. We talked about what to do with organs after somebody dies, what is life what is not. How someone can die heroically? We all discussed how can we show someone dead? How does it work? This was all emotional when this scene was happening, that was real. Our doctors guided us.


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