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The Masked Singer Season 6: Mother Nature and Pufferfish’s Identities Revealed

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Masked-Singer-Mother-Nature-Puff season 6

Spoiler Warning! If you didn’t watch Season 6th of Masked Singer, please do not proceed! This particular episode got released on September 23rd, 2021.

This time we are going to see the results of two artists, unmasking! “The Mother Nature” and “The Pufferfish”. Let’s begin!

The masked singer is back with a roar. The in-costume singing contest opened with a dramatic and suspenseful starter. As the episode starts, Mother Nature starts to unmask, later the Pufferfish. Finally, unveiling the stars under the mask. 

Two of the “Masked Singer” are wiped out of ‘90s icons in a single episode. Yesterday’s episode (Thursday night) was a dumbfounded one. When the second part of Season 6’s premiere gets started, it suddenly opened with unmasking the actor, TV host, and producer Vivica A Fox. She disguised as Mother Nature. Later on, the episode ends with another shock of swooping off the singer Toni Braxton, and she is a Pufferfish. 

Noticeably, Braxton and Fox reached the Lakers Star Dwight Howard as 1st three celebs to be in the 6th season of unmasked. Now, there are two wildcards to the contest. They are Hamster and Baby. Also, the Host Nick Cannon gets upset because the quick exit of Braxton is the biggest upset in Masked Singer’s history. 

Masked-Singer-Mother-Nature-Puff season 6

When did Season 6 Start? How it is going so far?

“The Masked Singer” finally started the brand new episodes of the 6th Season with fully entertaining 16 Contestants. Celebrating the grand return to the studio setup again with the engaging audience! The first time after the pandemic began. The costumes include Beach Ball, Bull, Baby, Banana Split, Caterpillar, Dalmatian, Cupcake, Mallard, Hamster, Octopus, Mother Nature, pufferfish, Pepper, Skunk, and Queen of Hearts. 

The show’s interrogators again complete for the “Golden Ear” based on the first impact of each performer. There Vivica A Fox received no buzzers. 

Subsequently, this new season has a “Take It Off” buzzer point. In this, the show panelists allow the performer to previously take off the mask. Most importantly, if they are right they will get two points; or be terrible punishment if they are wrong. 

Puffer-fish: Fin-ished!!!

Masked-Singer-Mother-Nature-Puff season 6

Unfortunately, Pufferfish left the performer’s\celebrity line. The fish departed the sea (Masked Singer). The first impression of panelists worked with their intuitions. 


Hence, the star turned out to be Singer Toni Braxton, who wore a mask every time she performed. She is COVID cautious all through the shoot. 

Braxton shares some of her information through a video package. 

Mother Nature: Nay-ture is out:

Indeed, it is a complete shock for the fans of Mother Nature. The mossy tree with swampy trees and hence reveals Vivica A. Fox. Therefore, the previous night consists of goodbye to Mother Nature and hello to two other wildcard contestants. 

Masked-Singer-Mother-Nature-Puff season 6

Remaining Contestants:

Others competing with the prize are Bull, Baby, Cupcake, Banana Split, Beach Ball, Skunk, Dalmatian, Hamster, Jester, Pepper, Queen of Hearts, Caterpillar, Mallard. 


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