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The Joker Becomes Pregnant and Gave Birth to a Child, Now What? Fans React on Social Media

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Joker Pregnant

DC Comics


It was literally a shock for The Joker fans when they got to know that their anti-hero Joker is pregnant in the DC comics. Well sounds insane but yes it’s true and that’s what the latest story explains and narrates about The Joker. That came in the DC comics. But guess what fans are really not okay with the story of Joker being pregnant.

Read ahead to know more about The Joker being pregnant in the latest story of DC comics and fans are not convinced with the story.

The Joker and its popularity among fans

Though we might have always had a special liking for superheroes. The one anti-hero that has managed to win the hearts of all with his character is surely The Joker. The character has depth in its story though sometimes it is too evil.

However, fans have so far loved how the character has been portrayed in the DC comics or even in the Marvel movies. But it seems like the latest story of The Joker in the latest DC comics has just made things a bit insane. As fans of the anti-hero are not happy with how the story has evolved for him in the DC comics.

The Joker is pregnant in the DC comics

If you are a fan of The Joker. Then you surely must not have missed the story of the character in the DC comics so far. However, as per Daily Wire, the latest release of The Joker that came out on 3rd January 2023 narrates Joker is pregnant. Well, this is literally making the story crazy.


The latest story of Joker mentioned that Joker gives birth to a mud monster copy of himself by vomiting. Yet, how Joker gets impregnated is not described as of now. Moreover, the latest story about Joker is believed to be a backup story in the series The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing.

Fans react to Joker being pregnant in DC comics

Knowing about the latest evolving story of The Joker being pregnant in DC comics. Fans have come up with their reaction on social media. As most of them are not convinced by the latest story about Joker.

One of the fans wrote on social media “The woke insanity never ends. The Joker is pregnant in a new DC comic side story “. While another fan wrote, “The Joker being pregnant in official DC media was not how I expected this year to start off but here we are”.

In case you wish to read that Joker story and the mud monster he gives birth to. You can find the whole comics on the DC website for just $5.99.

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