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Summer Walker’ New Face Tattoo For Larry Hoover: Fan’s Joking After Her Pic on Social Media

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Summer Walker

Summer Walker, the R&B singer’s new tattoo is the hot topic of discussion because of her face tattoo. 

The ‘Still Over It’ singer shared some photos with her boyfriend last night and fans couldn’t help but notice that both of them have got matching tattoos. While summer’s name is tatted over Larry’s eyebrow, his name is tatted over the singer’s face too. 

Even though the tattoo is for her boyfriend, LVRD Pharaoh, social media users took Twitter by storm making jokes that Summer’s new tattoo is dedicated to Larry Hoover.

Who is Summer Walker’s Boyfriend?

Larry Hoover is also a musician who started dating Summer Walker in August this year.

His full name is LVRD Pharaoh and has recently released his first album titled The KING N’ The PROPHET which has seven songs. 

Summer often talks about how grateful and happy she is now that she is with Larry. Recently she posted a picture with him and captioned it as “So grateful to have this man. he just increases my overall quality of life”. She’s definitely loving this new chapter in her life.


Even Larry posts pictures of both of them together claiming that they’re best friends before lovers. 

It is reported that Summer and Larry knew each other before Summer gained popularity. 

Summer Walker

Who is Larry Hoover?

Larry Hoover is currently serving at ADX Florence Prison in Florence, Colorado where he is imprisoned to six life sentences. 

The 70-year-old is the founder of the Chicago street gang Gangster Disciples. He was convicted in 1995 after he ordered the murder of a drug dealer in 1973. 

Kanye West, the famous American rapper is currently raising awareness for Larry’s release from prison. The rapper believes that Hoover has already served a lot of time in prison. 

Fans Joke About Summer’s Tattoo-

After Summer Walker posted the pictures, people started joking that she got the tattoo as a tribute to Larry Hoover. 

One Twitter user wrote, “I’m glad Summer Walker is really getting behind this Larry Hoover movement.” 

Others joked that maybe she’s supporting Kanye and wants Larry Hoover to be free. 

However, some fans didn’t like that the star got her boyfriend’s name tatted on her face while her albums project a different opinion of hers. 

One fan took to Twitter and wrote- “Not Summer Walker giving us a whole album about how men ain’t shit and then going and doing some reckless shit like tattoo a man’s name on her forehead?? Girl who tf is LARRY?? Bye”


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