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SteveWillDoIt Arrested for Disguising Himself at Universal Studios: Fans React to Mugshot and Viral News

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SteveWillDoIt Reportedly Arrested After “Disguising Himself” at Universal Studios

Prominent internet personality Steve “SteveWillDoIt” Deleonardis found himself in hot water on July 11, 2024, as an alleged mugshot of his arrest surfaced on social media. The 25-year-old content creator, known for his outrageous stunts and philanthropy, recently visited Universal Studios, where he reportedly donated thousands of dollars. However, his visit took an unexpected turn when he was seen dressed as Superman, leading to his arrest.

Earlier in the day, a post appeared on SteveWillDoIt’s official X profile, purportedly shared by his family. The post confirmed that the former YouTuber was in jail, with efforts underway to secure his release:
“SteveWillDoIt is in jail right now. We are working on getting him out – Steve’s family.”

Accompanying the post was a screenshot from the Orange County Incarcerations website, displaying Deleonardis’ mugshot and pertinent details:
“Orange County Incarcerations. Deleonardis, Stephen Rocco. Booking number – 24018871. Race – White. Gender – Male. Last known location – New Smyrna… (City in Florida).”

The news quickly spread across social media, with X user @fearedbuck reporting:
“SteveWillDoIt was just arrested and put in jail for disguising himself at Universal Studios.”


Fans of SteveWillDoIt reacted swiftly, with many hoping that the arrest was part of a planned video stunt. X user @FakeTheApe initially thought the mugshot was a joke, sharing additional details about the arrest:
“Stephen Rocco Deleonardis was booked in Orange County, Florida, for trespassing on property after warning.”

They added:
“I assumed this was a joke when I first saw the mugshot. I really hope he did it for a cool video or something. I’m sure the content would be worth the $500 bond.”

Other community members expressed their disbelief and support for the streamer. X user @BlankCode1923 commented on the situation, hinting at Deleonardis’ generous nature:
“Waiting for, ‘Giving 10,000 Dollars to my Jailmate’s Family Visitor.’ I mean, helping people is like breathing to @stevewilldoit, so it’s not impossible. But seriously, they are arresting the wrong people, bruh.”

Some fans recalled previous incidents involving the streamer. X user @NotTiff05 referenced a past video where SteveWillDoIt mentioned being banned from Universal Studios:
“He said in his Mexican video he wasn’t allowed there anymore because of being intoxicated or something. This sucks.”

SteveWillDoIt’s arrest marks a significant event for the internet star, whose real name is Stephen Rocco Deleonardis. Known for his high-energy videos and philanthropic acts, his recent activities at Universal Studios included a three-minute and 51-second video where he appeared as Superman. Despite his good intentions and charitable donations, his disguise and previous ban from the premises led to legal trouble.

The streamer’s arrest has sparked a mix of concern and anticipation among his fans, with many hoping that the incident is part of a larger narrative or content piece. As the situation develops, followers of SteveWillDoIt eagerly await updates and possible explanations for the unexpected turn of events.

In the meantime, the internet remains abuzz with speculation and support, reflecting the significant impact and following SteveWillDoIt has garnered through his unique blend of entertainment and generosity.


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