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Stephen King Receives Backlash From Twitter Users After He Shared His Recipe For ‘Microwaved’ Salmon

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Stephen King

Stephen King’s recipe for a microwaved salmon garnered him tons of jokes and memes on social media platforms.

Stephen King is currently among the most celebrated horror novel writers in the world. King has written some great spine-chilling stories such as The Shining, Carrie as well as Gerald’s Game.

The author is highly active on his official Twitter account where his recent post might have stirred a lot of users. They retorted by making memes and jokes about it. The said tweet received more than 5 thousand comments and 31 thousand likes on Twitter.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Stephen King likes to eat microwaved salmon

On Tuesday, Stephen King took to Twitter to suggest a dinner recipe to his followers. He preferred to eat a microwaved salmon with olive oil, lemon juice, and paper towels.

Here’s the recipe for Stephen King’s microwaved salmon: 

“Dinner: Get a nice salmon filet at the supermarket, not too big. Put some olive oil and lemon juice on it. Wrap it in damp paper towels. Nuke it in the microwave for 3 minutes or so. Eat it. Maybe add a salad.”


King received support from some of his fans who also liked to eat salmon cooked in a microwave. However faced backlash, criticism, and mockery from many of his followers who didn’t share his taste in food.

Twitter users criticized Stephen King with jokes and memes

Stephen King’s recipe for microwaved salmon created a buzz on Twitter and was the hot topic of the day.

Users commented that his microwaved salmon recipe was the shortest yet the most hideous story they had ever heard or seen. They even compared his taste in food to his renowned horror stories.

On the other hand, few trolled the 74-year-old author’s recipe as controversial and called it salmon abuse.

Some responded by saying that his recipe was a crime against both God as well as nature.

One of his King’s followers shared a better version of cooking salmon. In which he fried the fish in a skillet instead of cooking it in a microwave.

Some of the users rose to King’s defense saying that he shouldn’t be judged for eating something he likes.

King is presently busy working on several upcoming projects. Many stories of his are going to be screen adapted in the coming years. Fans are anticipating the release of Pet Semetary’s prequel. The movie is scheduled to stream on Paramount plus this year.


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