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Squid Game Becomes Officially Netflix’s Biggest Series Launch Ever with 111 Million Viewers

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Squid Game

“Squid Game” is officially Netflix’s biggest series launch in history. The series Squid Game has reached 111 million fans in its first month on the platform.

Squid Game has a different kind of craze among people nowadays. This show is the most popular TV show that Netflix has ever released. In its first season only, a million people have watched the series.

There was an announcement by a streamer on Tuesday. The Korean drama which is ultraviolent has been viewed by 111 million members worldwide since its Sept. 17 premiere, a mere 25-day period.

When the series was released, in its first month most of the people had watched “Squid Game”. Even more than the previous one which was number one. 82 million people had watched “Bridgerton” in its 28 days.

A significant caveat: Proprietary metric of Netflix is based on the number of accounts. Which is chosen a particular name and broadcasted for at least 2 minutes. There has been no verification of how many people watched even a single complete episode. Furthermore, it includes those who stopped by to see what all the hype was about it before having to move on from this series. It’s also worth noting that Netflix’s measurements have not been independently verified by a third party. For the first time, the company published a list of the top ten greatest shows and films based on overall hours perceived.

Squid Game

Hype of Squid Game

Nonetheless, All over the world “Squid Game” has generated an enormous craze, it is seen by millions of people and has consistently ranked as the No. 1 collection title in countries. Since its debut, according to Netflix, Squid Game had chances of becoming the number 1, most-watched show two weeks ago stated by Netflix co-CEO and content material chief Ted Sarandos.

“We did not see that coming, in terms of its global popularity,” it was mentioned by Sarandos at Vox Media’s Code Conference.

Currently, on an island 456 indebted contestants are mysteriously brought together off the South Korean peninsula. For a large cash prize to compete in children’s video games, in between life and death consequences.


Hwang Dong-hyuk, who is the maker and the director of Squid Game. In 2008, he already imagined the series as a movie, but this series had a lot of violent scenes.  That’s why Korean Studios decided on this. Later,  he went to create more movies, then after 10 years, the challenge was revisited.

“When I started [writing ‘Squid Game’], I was in financial straits myself and spent much time in cafes reading comics including ‘Battle Royale’ and ‘Liar Game,’” Hwang said. “I came to wonder how I’d feel if I took part in the games myself. But I found the games too complex, and for my own work focused instead on using kids’ games.”


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