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South Korean actress Kim Tae-hee began filming K-drama Series “House With a Yard”

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Kim Tae-hee

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Kim Tae-hee, the popular South Korean actress is coming back after three years in a drama and fans are super excited. Well, Kim has been missing from any drama for quite some time and finally, we have her with a confirmed comeback. So, when and where you would see Kim Tae-hee in her new drama?

Read ahead to know more about Kim Tae-hee making a comeback with a drama after three years.

Kim Tae-hee makes a comeback in drama after three years

Kim Tae-hee has been a popular South Korean actress giving her presence in several drama. However, the last drama that she appeared in was the tvN’s Hi Bye, Mama!. Post which fans of Kim have been missing in drama who is talented and charming too.

But luckily, now fans have got an announcement that Kim Tae-hee is coming back in another tvN drama titled House With A Yard ( literal translation). It was on 26th December that Kim’s representative confirmed the news of her being involved in House With A Yard.

What’s House With A Yard drama all about?

As per reports, Kim Tae-hee was given the offer of being cast in House With A Yard in 2022 October. The thriller series House With A Yard is all about a drama that’s based on a novel of the same name. Kim would thus have an important role to play in the thriller series.

House With A Yard revolves around a woman who has a perfect life as he is a happy housewife. But things eventually make her question her own perfect life. The filming for the thriller drama has begun. While more information on the same is yet to come.


Fans’ reaction to Kim Tae-hee coming back after three years in a new drama

Well, Kim Tae-hee has always kept her fans happy with her acting skills and charm. As fans got to see Kim in a drama last three years back. They are all over happy again to know she is coming back in another thriller drama now.

The last character in the drama played by Kim however made her fans sad as her character didn’t have a happy ending. Yet, this time Kim’s fans are excited to see if they see her in a different and happy role or not. So, wait to see Kim Tae-hee in her upcoming thriller House With A Yard.


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