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Sony Cancelled Mcdonald’s “Disgusting” PS5 Controller!

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PS5 as we know is an important part of gamer’s everyday lives now. Players love spending hours and hours playing games on PlayStation 5. And also, as PlayStation 5 is in the top-tier in the gaming community, McDonald’s is the best in the food-chain community all over the world. One cannot resist either of the two. So both the companies in search of huge market-scale profits decided to collaborate.

 The “CONTROLLER” of Collaboration

As McDonald’s is in the 50thyear of its launch. McDonald’s was all set to collaborate with Sony PlayStation to get their own PS5 controller, One thing gamers look forward to are the controllers. The better the controller, the better the gaming experience. PlayStation first introduced Dual-Shock Sense controllers, it provided literal tremors while playing. Sony’s idea of providing real shock-like tremors in controllers made the gaming experience excellent. McDonald’s decided to start the launch of McDonald’s themed Dual-Sense controllers featuring buttons painted in McDonald’s iconic yellow, a touchpad complete with the “M” logo, pictures of its famous fries and burgers, set against a red and white base.


 Gamers community have mixed thoughts for the controller as some say they’d happily pay for the controllers while others call them “the absolute worst”.

As Sony saw the mixed reactions as a bad sign, they decided to cancel the planned release of 50 branded controllers as part of a promotional prize to Australian customers. Before they were canceled, McDonald’s planned to work with a number of Twitch streamers for the promotion, offering the controllers as prize gifts to those who watched the streams of games like Overwatch, Minecraft, FIFA 21, etc.

The controllers were a part of the ‘ Stream Week’, which is set to show the celebration of 50 years of McDonald’s.


Why the Cancellation?

It is not clear why the cancellation? But according to media sources, it was a bad deal and Sony was not ready to face any losses because of McDonald’s.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s has decided to postpone the entire ‘Stream Week’ and is ready to launch the whole action plan in the next month or so. McDonald’s has said that they will provide a new timing when it will get confirmed.

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