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Simon Cowell Triumphantly Returns to Britain’s Got Talent, Declares ‘Fantastic Health’ Amid Illness Setback

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Simon Cowell

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BGT judge Simon Cowell is back on the show to audition talents after previously being absent due to illness. Britain’s Got Talent is back in action as it continues its usual process of hunting for talent. However, Simon’s illness certainly left all his fans worried, wondering if he would return or not.

Read on to learn more about Simon Cowell’s return to the BGT show for filming after his illness break.

Simon Cowell’s absence from BGT show due to illness

With Britain’s Got Talent being one of the most loved shows, it’s no wonder the show is iconic, especially because of its judges, particularly Simon Cowell. While BGT is already auditioning talents this year, the recent filming of the show was interrupted when Simon couldn’t film due to his illness.

It was after experiencing a troubling headache that Simon had to leave the filming of BGT on Saturday. According to a source who spoke to the Daily Star, “After deliberation, he informed everyone that he was unable to take part in filming.” It’s worth noting that Simon has been prone to migraines for quite some time.

BGT finally gets Simon Cowell back to film

After Simon Cowell’s illness on Saturday caused him to miss a few BGT auditions, he was certainly back to judge the show this Tuesday. Simon was seen in good health upon his return, entering The Lowry wearing an all-black outfit.

Although previously, Simon would wear his blue light filter glasses as a remedy for his migraines, on Tuesday he was seen wearing his signature aviators. Not only that, but a source close to him told DailyMail that Simon is in “fantastic health.”

It also added, “He’s better than ever and great fitness too, is biking and walking a lot every day and has started reformer pilates for strengthening his back”.

Simon Cowell
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More about the health of Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell’s migraines have been attributed to exposure to bright studio lights. However, to avoid issues in such situations, he often wears his blue light filter glasses. Meanwhile, Simon’s recent health concern, which led him to leave the filming of BGT, did cause concern among his fans.

Though his return on Tuesday has surely made his fans happy now, as Simon looked perfectly fine coming back on the show. Moreover, the show is currently auditioning talents, which is also making viewers quite excited. They are curious to know who will win this time.


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