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CoD Legend “Scump” Super Bowl LVIII Cameo with Aubrey Plaza for Mountain Dew

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Call of Duty icon Scump recently made a surprise appearance in a Super Bowl LVIII commercial alongside actress Aubrey Plaza for Mountain Dew.

For fans familiar with Call of Duty and Mountain Dew’s intertwined history, Scump’s cameo in a Mountain Dew commercial during the Super Bowl holds special significance. The connection between CoD and Mountain Dew has been cemented over the years through memes and cross-promotions.

Scump Cameo Appearance in a Super Bowl Lviii Commercial

PepsiCo, the parent company of Mountain Dew, has long recognized the beverage’s association with CoD culture, dating back to the days of the original Modern Warfare trilogy. From then till now, Mountain Dew has maintained ties with the Call of Duty franchise, including collaborations and promotions.


In the Super Bowl commercial, Aubrey Plaza promotes Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast, with Scump making a brief but memorable cameo. The CoD legend appears as himself, reacting to Plaza’s character seemingly defeating him in a game, complete with a live stream chat overlay.

Scump’s cameo mirrors that of popular YouTuber MrBeast’s appearance in last year’s Super Bowl commercial. Both were short but noticeable, with Scump’s cameo confined to a small camera screen and limited to a single line, “no!”

This isn’t the first time Scump has collaborated with Mountain Dew. Previously, he and former OpTic Texas teammate Dashy appeared in a commercial crossover promoting Modern Warfare 2 alongside NBA player Klay Thompson.

Scump’s cameo underscores the enduring relationship between Call of Duty and Mountain Dew. As one of the most recognizable figures in the CoD community, his appearance in a Super Bowl commercial further solidifies the bond between the gaming world and mainstream media.


Scump’s cameo in a Super Bowl commercial alongside Aubrey Plaza for Mountain Dew represents a significant moment for both Call of Duty fans and gaming culture at large. It highlights the ongoing intersection between gaming, entertainment, and mainstream advertising, cementing CoD’s place in pop culture.


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