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SEVENTEEN’s Vernon skillfully answers a BTS-related question

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Vernon tactfully shuts down a question when  SEVENTEEN‘s progress was compared to BTS.

Here is everything you need to know.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon reply to being compared to BTS

Vernon recently visited the American radio station along with Seungkwan and DK. They sat down for an interview with Sirius XM which was hosted by Tony Simon.

During the radio interview, the K-Pop stars talked about the bond between the members of SEVENTEEN. They also discussed the group’s relationship with their fans who are also known as Carats.

Furthermore, since it was an English show, Vernon, who is Korean-American, took the lead and answered most of the questions. Nevertheless, DK and Seungkwan frequently replied to a few questions as well.

However, during the interview, Vernon was left to deal with a particularly tricky question when the band’s progress was compared to BTS.

Simon asked the trio, ‘When you started the band, there’s no way you expected that you’d be up there just like BTS. That you’d be at the same level as BTS.’

Vernon on the other hand diplomatically answered the question in a dignified manner.

He responded with, ‘When we debuted, BTS wasn’t the BTS today either. So, it’s really crazy what we’re doing right now and where we are at right now.’

If you didn’t know, SEVENTEEN made its debut in 2015. BTS had already debuted two years earlier but was facing immense struggles at that time.

Fans of SEVENTEEN and BTS react to Vernon’s response

Many fans of SEVENTEEN and BTS were furious over the comparison between the two Korean bands. They took to social media to express their views.

One fan said, ‘These questions are really cringe, but well done Vernon for answering the questions calmly and showing his mature side.’

A second fan mentioned, ‘SEVENTEEN’s goal is to be the best SEVENTEEN they can be.’

A third one chimed in saying, ‘I am ARMY and a Carat. This interview makes me sad. Why would he compare with another group? Just respect each other.’

Meanwhile, few fans shared their displeasure over Vernon’s response. They claimed that the Fake Love singers were breaking records in 2015.

A fan wrote, ‘”when we debuted, bts weren’t the same bts they are today.” That group debuted in 2015 and bts were already outselling groups from the big 3 during that year so what exactly is he saying..?? talking just to talk.’


SEVENTEEN’s fans were quick to defend their idols as they said that Vernon was referring to the group’s successful trajectory.


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