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Rogue Company Removes Dr DisRespect’s In-Game Skin Following Controversy

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Dr DisRespect and Rogue Company

In the wake of Dr DisRespect’s recent scandal involving allegedly inappropriate texts to a minor, the popular third-person team shooter Rogue Company has removed all content related to the streamer. This includes his in-game skin and the Dr DisRespect’s Arena map. The game developers announced that players who had purchased the skin would receive a refund in Rogue bucks, the game’s in-game currency, rather than real money.

Rogue Company communicated this decision via their official account on X (formerly Twitter), stating: “Hey Rogue Company, we have disabled Dr. Disrespect content previously available on game. We will provide full Rogue Buck refunds to any impacted account this week.”

However, this decision has sparked backlash among players. Many expressed their dissatisfaction with receiving refunds in Rogue bucks instead of actual currency. One user wrote, “Where’s my $40? I have no need for Rogue bucks when you guys haven’t updated the game in over a year.” Another gamer echoed this sentiment, saying, “We need full refunds, not Rbucks, wtf.”

The Dr DisRespect skin was introduced to Rogue Company in 2020, following his ban from Twitch. Alongside the skin, a new game map called The Arena, named after the streamer’s community, was also added. Both features are now disabled in light of the controversy.


Rogue Company, developed by HiRez, initially gained attention for being a new five-vs-five multiplayer shooter. The collaboration with Dr DisRespect was a significant move during the game’s peak popularity. Despite the game’s lack of updates since October 2023, the developers acted swiftly to remove Dr DisRespect-related content following the recent allegations.

Dr DisRespect, who had a considerable influence on the gaming community with millions of followers, faced severe repercussions after allegations of inappropriate conduct surfaced. Turtle Beach removed Dr DisRespect-themed headphones from its store, and Midnight Society, a game company co-founded by Dr DisRespect, severed ties with him. Additionally, the San Francisco 49ers and YouTube have also distanced themselves from the streamer, with YouTube demonetizing his channel.

The controversy around Dr DisRespect’s Twitch ban resurfaced when a former Twitch employee alleged that the streamer had sent sexual messages to a minor in 2017. This led to Twitch terminating their contract and banning him indefinitely. The reasons behind his 2020 Twitch ban were not disclosed until June 2024, when multiple sources, including a Rolling Stone article, confirmed the allegations.

Following the controversy, other gaming studios have also taken action. NBA 2K24, for instance, announced that it would be removing Dr DisRespect’s content in an upcoming update.


A Redditor recently posted a video showing the Dr DisRespect skin still appearing on the starting screen in Rogue Company, but defaulting to another character during gameplay and post-game displays. This prompted further confirmation from the game’s developers on X that all Dr DisRespect content had indeed been removed and refunds were being processed.

Despite Rogue Company’s assurances that refunds will be issued in the week of July 8 – 14, players remain dissatisfied with the in-game currency compensation. Comments such as, “Give me back my money. I don’t want to buy your other crappy skins,” reflect the community’s frustration over the situation.

Rogue Company now joins the list of entities that have distanced themselves from Dr DisRespect, responding to the serious nature of the allegations and the ensuing public outcry. Players affected by the removal of the content are encouraged to check their accounts for the in-game currency refund during the specified week.


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