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Rihanna seems to act out a month ahead of her Super Bowl Performance

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According to rumors, many crew members for this year’s Super Bowl are left concerned for Rihanna after she arrived five hours late for the rehearsal.

Here is everything you need to know.

Rihanna is stirring up the pot before her Super Bowl Performance

Rihanna is gearing up for her performance at this year’s Super Bowl which is scheduled to take place in a little over a month or so. 

Although she is expected to slay her performance at the event, the 34-year-old singer is facing a few challenges that are raising concern issues for Rihanna among the crew members.

Most recently, a rumor is going around that Rihanna is not being entirely compliant with her Super Bowl rehearsals.

According to an insider, the Barbados native was five hours late for a rehearsal that was initially expected to begin at 12 am.


Meanwhile, this has left members concerned over why the beauty mogul is showing up late to her rehearsals

If you did not know, Rihanna will take the stage of the Super Bowl in the coming year which will also mark her first major performance in years.

Additionally, the multi-Grammy-winning pop star is all set to headline the 2023 NFL Super Bowl.

Rihanna admits that she is nervous about her performance at Super Bowl

TMZ caught up with Rihanna in October 2022 where she briefly talked about her upcoming performance at the Super Bowl.

She said, ‘I’m nervous, but I’m excited.’

Besides that, the interviewer went on to ask about the possibility of her boyfriend A$AP Rocky joining her onstage.

The Umbrella singer on the other replied with a simple, ‘maybe, girl.’

However, it gave fans the slightest hope that might see Rihanna taking on the stage with her baby daddy.

Meanwhile, a source stated in an interview with ET News that Rihanna is going all in on her performance.

They said, ‘Rihanna never intended to take this long of a break from performing — it’s just how things turned out.’

Moreover, the insider mentioned, ‘Everything she does is theatrical and creative. All her fashion shows, her book, her makeup, it’s all part of her art.’

They added, ‘She no doubt has a lot on her plate right now, but she will give it 1,000 percent. She will ensure every detail is perfect.’

In addition, the source concluded the statement with, ‘It will be well worth the wait!’


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