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Rick Saleeby Arrested: Why was CNN Producer Arrested In Pedophile Scandal?

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Rick Saleeby

Police arrested Rick Saleeby, the renowned TV celebrity, for his involvement in the Pedophile scandal. People on the social media platforms reacted to his act with great outrage. He resigned from his position after the discloser of his involvement in sexual misconduct. Project Veritas exposed Rick to being involved in sexual misconduct. Following this senior producer of The Lead With Jake Tapper was arrested by police. This high profile case is grabbing media attention to the fullest as netizens condemn his acts.

Who Is CNN Producer, Rick Saleeby?

Rick Saleeby, who looks like 40-50-years-old according to his looks, is a famous TV person ality and CNN producer. Also, he was the senior producer of The Lead With Jake Tapper

 but after Rick was exposed, he resigned. There is nothing much about his personal available currently except for his involvement in sexual abuse.

The whereabouts of his family, wife, and children have not been disclosed yet. Rick was a member of CNN for a long time. Despite being a popular identity he is not available on Wikipedia. In October, he accused Steve Brusk of being flirty with the female staff and unwanted touch experienced by them.

Rick Saleeby

Why CNN Producer Rick Saleeby Arrested?

Project Veritas is a controversial conservative watchdog group that disclosed Rick’s name after assuring the safety of the families involved. The group leaked photos and videos for pieces of evidence to prove that Rick’s involvement in sexual misconduct. His involvement in the Pedophile scandal by Project Veritas made everything clear.

According to the leaks, Rick was as a Pedo and explained in the media like that. Police arrested Rick for daydreaming of the genitals of minors. FBI did not arrest him for six days and this too grabbed the attention of Twitter users. After the leak of photos and videos, Rick was arrested and questioned by the police officials. The allegations have affected the public image of Rick badly. Police have apprehended him for his indulgence in the crime.

Netzines Reacts In Outrage

After the declaration of Rick as a Pedo by Project Veritas, Twitter users are resharing it. One Twitter user shared and captioned, Jake Tapper’s Producer, Rick Saleeby, named by Veritas as Pedo.


After the arrest, there were many tweets. One was, Rick Saleeby from Jake Tapper’s show got his all electronic devices confiscated by law enforcement 17 months ago. But FBI did not arrest him for child trafficking for six days. Because of this Twitter users said that The FBI is broke. The only reason for his arrest was due to Project Veritas leaks. Here are some tweets:


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