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Rick Ross’s surprise appearance on AEW Dynamite

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Rick Ross AEW Dynamite

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Rick Ross joins the long list of Hip-Hop artists to enter the world of professional wrestling after he flaunted his promoter skills on AEW Dynamite.

Here is everything you need to know.

Rick Ross appears as a guest on AEW Dynamite 

Rick Ross made an appearance on Wednesday’s AEW’s Boston show. He went on to join the crew for a segment backstage.

Furthermore, he prompted commentator Tony Schiavone to address him as ‘The Biggest Boss.’

The 46-year-old rapper was joined alongside “Sneaky” Swerve Strickland where the two celebrated their number one contendership. 

He shared that  Strickland will eventually be among the biggest wrestler in the community.

Moreover, Ross whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II claimed that he will ensure that the 32-year-old wrestler becomes the ‘largest recording artist in the world.’

He said, ‘We’re keeping it positive here today. I’m here for one reason and one reason only, I want to make this clear: making sure Swerve is not only the biggest wrestler in the industry but also the largest recording artist in the world.’


Subsequently, he continued, ‘That’s why we’re here; we’re celebrating today and that’s why we’re here. The biggest.’

However, the duo’s interview was interrupted by Keith Lee who accused Swerve of kidnapping Billy Gunn.

Twitter reacts to Rick Ross’ appearance on AEW Dynamite

Fans were quick to notice Rick Ross’s manager-like skills towards Shane Swerve Strickland during his brief segment on the AEW Dynamite episode.

Moreover, many users took to Twitter to praise Ross and pleaded with him to return for another feature. Shortly after the hip-hop legend’s name started trending on the multi-blogging site.


A second user pointed out, ‘Best part of Dynamite, Rick Ross going “AHAHAHA. EIGHT MAN TAG!”. Just delighted by the idea of that size of the match.’

A third fan insisted, ‘Rick Ross needs to be hired ASAP – that man was tremendous in that segment.’

Subsequently, another fan mentioned, ‘Dude, Rick Ross NEEDS to be a wrestling manager. He’s a total natural. That was awesome #AEWDynamite.’

Moreover, another chimed in saying, ‘Rick Ross belongs in professional wrestling.’

A different user wrote, ‘Put Rick Ross on Dynamite every week lmfaoooo.’

Besides that someone else jokingly stated, ‘This man Rick Ross said “ACCUSATIONS.”‘


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