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Record Store Day Announced Taylor Swift As Their First Global Ambassador

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Taylor Swift seems all elated as she gets honoured as the first global ambassador for Record Store Day this year. The American singer Taylor Swift has shared the good news with her fans on Twitter to say that she is proud to be the first global ambassador for Record Store Day this year who would also be attending the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Record Store Day.

Read ahead to know more about the updates on Taylor Swift as the global ambassador for this year.

What’s Record Store Day?

The custom of celebrating Record Store Day began for the first time in the year 2007. Record Store Day is an annual event that’s always celebrated in April on any of its Saturday. Also, the event gets celebrated on Black Friday of November every year.


The reason behind celebrating Record Store Day is to honour the work of independent record stores presented globally. This year Record Store Day is planned to be celebrated on 23rd April to mark the 15th anniversary of the event.

Taylor Swift As The First Global Ambassador For Record Store Day

Taylor Swift on 20th Jan this year shared the news with her fans to say how happy and proud she feels to be the first-ever global ambassador of the Record Store Day. She shared that Record Store Day has been always a special thing for her as it honours the music globally.

Moreover, Taylor Swift is going to be part of the celebration for the 15th anniversary of the Record Store Day this year. Record Store day is also celebrated across the world in nations like Japan, the UK, Ireland etc.

Record Store Day Got Cancelled Last Year

The surge in the corona cases last year bought an unfortunate fate for the Record Store Day celebration last year. It wasn’t celebrated last year and it would be after s long time that the event would be celebrated with the new global ambassador Taylor Swift.

Taylor’s fans have congratulated her for her achievement as the global ambassador this year. Also, her fans are eagerly waiting to see her in the 15th-anniversary celebration of Record Store Day. Apart from Taylor Swift, the official twitter handle of Record Store Day too shared the news of Taylor Swift being their global ambassador for the event this year which would be celebrated soon on 23rd April this year.


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