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Ranboo, Minecraft Youtuber Does An Eye Reveal: Check Out The Video & Fans’ Reaction

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Ranboo EYE reveal

The famous Minecraft streamer Ranboo just revealed his eyes and fans are going crazy. Ranboo has 3.7 million subscribers on Youtube and has never revealed what he looks like. 

There are many YouTubers and streamers who have never revealed their face and Ranboo is one of them. However, the twitch streamer revealed some of his face and his fans haven’t kept calm since. 

Ranboo Removed His Sunglasses-

Ranboo is an 18-year-old Youtuber from the United States. He created his channel last year in January and uploaded his first video in August and started streaming on Twitch in September 2020. He has been one of the fastest-growing twitch streamers. 

It was revealed that he lives in San Francisco and graduated from high school in June this year.  The social media star is famous for his Minecraft videos. 

He has never revealed his face earlier and is always seen wearing a black and white mask with sunglasses. His fans have only seen his forehead and hair till now. The YouTuber used to wear gloves too but recently did a hand reveal. 


Why Does Ranboo Hide His Face?

Ranboo does not show his face in order to protect his privacy. However, he did tell his fans that once he reaches 5 million subscribers on youtube, he will reveal his face. 

The Youtuber has previously opened up about his struggle with facial dysmorphia and severe social anxiety. He has also urged his fans to only share the pictures where he’s wearing masks and glasses. 

November 26 marked the anniversary of the first National Ranboo Day and the streamer removed his sunglasses, doing eye reveal. 

Ranboo EYE reveal
screenshot From Ranboo Youtube Video

Fans React To The Eye Reveal-

After Ranboo pulled down his sunglasses, fans took Twitter by storm. They started asking the Youtuber about his face reveal, however it might not happen anytime soon. 

One Twitter user wrote- “Ranboo’s eye reveal at the end shocked me but omg it made me smile sm, highlight of my day.”


While another said-  “I feel like Ranboo’s doing an eye reveal gave me too much serotonin that I literally feel great about myself today.”

The Hashtag eyes4Ramboo started trending on Twitter while his fans started making hilarious memes on the reveal. Some fans jokingly said that they didn’t even know he had eyes. 

It was this year in May when he did a hand reveal and his Twitter post received almost 28 thousand comments.


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