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Prime Hydration becomes first influencer brand to sponsor NASCAR team MBM Motorsports

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Prime Hydration



Logan Paul & KSI’s sports drink “Prime Hydration” that’s been going popular everywhere is soon to become the first influencer’s brand to sponsor the NASCAR team. While you’ve had lots of things coming up individually from Logan Paul and KSI. Their jointly held “Prime Hydration” drink is going all-in limelight again.

Read ahead to know more about Logan Paul & KSI’s “Prime Hydration” brand sponsoring the NASCAR team.

A little about the Prime Hydration drink by Logan Paul x KSI

Both KSI and Logan Paul have risen to fame as social media influencers. What we have got jointly through them that’s going very popular is the brand Prime. Yes, Prime Hydration drink that’s jointly funded by both KSI and Logan Paul.

In fact, in the area of refreshment drinks, Prime has risen to a great level. At the same time, there have been massive demands for the drink ever since it launched in the market. It seems like both the founder and influencer of the brand are happy taking it to another level.


Prime Hydration to sponsor the NASCAR team

Amid a UK-based launch of Prime to happen with the sixth flavor of it in line. We have another benchmark to be set by Prime. Yes, Prime by Logan and KSI is to become the first influencer brand to sponsor a racing team. Well, that team is none other than NASCAR that’s to debut soon.

Specifically, MBM Motorsports on 23rd May announced that Tommy Hill, the Xfinity race driver would be driving the blue raspberry Prime sponsored car for the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The event that’s to happen on 28th May this summer.

Logan Paul on Prime sponsoring the NASCAR team

While it must be a proud moment for Logan Paul and KSI over their drink Prime entering the NASCAR area as a sponsor. Logan had a statement out on the same saying that Prime is becoming one of the fastest-growing drink in America. The partnership with NASCAR has come at the right time for them.

He said that he is excited about the brand sponsoring the NASCAR team. However, it would be interesting to watch if this partnership with NASCAR remains restricted to the upcoming race or it goes ahead too. Meanwhile, you can wait to watch the car sponsored by Prime coming on the ground soon.


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