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Pink Moon April 2022: Date, Timing, And Visibility

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Pink Moon 2022



If you are looking to watch something exciting and interesting cosmic event then April’s Pink Moon is what will satisfy you. Well, this phenomenon is actually associated with the moon that’s witnessed in the month of April. As such this year too, we have this special cosmic phenomenon called the Pink Moon to see this month.

Read ahead to know about Pink Moon, date, and time with its spiritual meaning.

Meaning of Pink Moon

Well, if you think about this cosmic event. Then you’ll believe that the Pink Moon is actually pink in color. However, it isn’t so. The name of this moon as the pink moon appears to be so because of the Maine Farmer’s Almanac.

The look of this full moon in April actually resembles a flower similar to pink moss known as the Phlox Subulata. Which is found around in the northern hemisphere in some of its regions this month.


Date and timing of Pink Moon 2022

Well, if you are keen to see the Pink Moon yourself. Then you can have it for three days beginning from the 16th of April 2022. It is as per the NASA reports that you can have it to watch for three days this weekend. It will actually begin on early Friday and last till morning on Monday.


If you are to see the full moon then you can watch it on 16th April, Saturday. The timing is thus to be around 2.55 pm EDT. New York can have the phenomenon to watch at 7.42 pm EDT. Meanwhile, London to have it around 7.55 pm. Australia on the other hand is to have it at 4.55 am Australian EST. Los Angeles to witness the full moon at around 7.41 pm PDT.

Spiritual meaning of the Pink Moon

While this Pink Moon also has other names such as The Sprouting Grass Moon, The Egg Moon, The Fish Moon, and Paschal Moon. If you look for the spiritual meaning of this Pink Moon. Then just like the blooming flowers, it’s connected too.

The Pink Moon symbolizes blooming for all in every area of one’s life. This moon gives a feeling to grow in all aspects of life. It is symbolic of growth. It also means the renewal of something in life. An indication of a new beginning is what it hints at.


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