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Pierre Gasly’s Girlfriend: Who Is The French Racing Driver Dating?

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Pierre Gasly's Girlfriend

Pierre Gasly was born in the year 1996, on February 7th. Pierre Gasly, A french racer, known for his extraordinary skills and bolt speed in track circuits. Well, this good-looking entered Kart racing at the age of ten (2006). Kart racing is one of the varieties in motorsports. Road racing with four-wheeled, open-wheel, and other shift karts. This racing is considered as a primary race to enter gigantic racing such as Formula One and so on. Formula racers such as Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton started their career and flourished in other higher ranks, then.

He finished in 15th position in Kart racing. In the successive year, He finished in fourth place. Now, he is taking part in Formula One under the French flag. He is racing for the Racing Team AlphaTauri.


He is positioned as one of the best F1 racers in the world, Even though he is 25 only. Now, he is among the top ten of Formula One racers. Moreover, his positions may increase in near future.

He made his Formula One racing debut with Toro Rosso in Malaysian Grand Prix. (2017). in 2019, he went to Red Bull Racing. Again in 2020, he won his First Italian Grand Prix Formula One racing when racing for Alfatori.
He has a total net worth of $2 Million with Scuderia AlphaTauri. He also has various authorization, sponsorships, and assets. Pierre is also into Crypto Gaming.

Who is Pierre Gasly Dating?

Pierre Gasly dated Caterina Masetti Zannini. She is pursuing her career as Aerospace Engineer. She often mistakes her professional life as an Italian model due to her looks. Most often, Pierre always likes to keep their personal life private. Moreover, the 22-year-old Caterina doesn’t have an interest in any business kind of life. Her native is Bologna, Italy.

Pierre Gasly's Girlfriend

Did they Break up?

There is no official information about their breakup. But in the year 2020, various sources in social media mentioned that Pierre is single at the minute, later breaking up with Caterina. Even though, Kim Illman, a famous Formula One photographer wrote an article about them. He mentioned that they broke up in the year 2020.

Pierre is active in social media like Snapchat. He makes posts. This includes their vacation together. Meanwhile, Caterina doesn’t post about her beau since April. She stopped to feature him as her boyfriend.

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