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Omocat Faces Backlash: Allegations of Overwork and Underpayment Emerge, Omori Creator’s Past Tweets Resurface

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Game developer Omocat, based in Los Angeles, has come under fire for accusations of underpaying and overworking its former employees. Recently, a video game developer took to social media to allege mistreatment by Omocat. Here’s an overview of the accusations.

Read ahead to learn more about Omocat facing accusations of mistreating former employees, leading to overwork and underpayment.

Game developer Omocat gets accused by employees

An art studio and game developer from Los Angeles, Omocat, has come under fire for allegedly subjecting its employees to overwork and underpayment. Video game developer Melon took to social media to share the details of what happened, leading to accusations of mistreatment against Omocat.

Melon, a former team member of Omocat, recently took to social media to share that he was made to overwork and was underpaid. According to Melon, the company did not fulfill its promises of providing bonuses and royalties to its employees.


Accusations on Omocat from former employees go viral

As the accusations from a former Omocat employee went viral on social media, users began to comment on the matter. An X user @RosenDice wrote, “I love anime and everything problematic about it”.Melon’s 8th December post this year about Omocat said he had joined the team back in 2019.

About the mistreat he came across with Omocat he said “She would guilt me into keep working as hard as I did before despite the blatant toll on my body and say she expected better of me and would constantly downplay my illness”.

Omocat reacts to the accusations of making former employees overwork and underpaying them

After accusations of mistreatment from Melon against Omocat came to light and went viral, Omocat addressed the accusations in a social media post, providing another side of the story on X. Initially, Omocat apologized for not preventing Melon from being overworked.

Continuing the discussion, she mentioned that she had advised Melon to see a doctor to aid in the recovery. Regarding the withdrawal of royalties, she explained that it was processed online, and Melon began “overwriting other people’s code, adding unapproved content and then having to remove it later, and talking down on other team members’ abilities”.


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