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Offset Denies Blueface’s Affair Claim with Chrisean Rock Amid Internet Speculation Rapper Cheaton On Cardi B Durning Kai Cenat’s Jail Stream

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Offset and Cardi B and ChriseanRock and Blueface

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Offset vehemently denies Blueface’s accusation of sleeping with Chrisean Rock. Amidst online rumors alleging Offset cheated on Cardi B during Kai Cenat’s one-week jail stream, the rapper refutes the claims, asserting his commitment to his marriage.

Blueface alleges Offset slept with Chrisean Rock, which she appears to be denying… and which he is most emphatically denying… all while dealing with Cardi B. The rapper made the claim online on Sunday, amid his ongoing fight with Chrisean… with the latest stumbling block between them now being their child together, which Blue recently stated was not his after reportedly receiving confirmation. Following that incident, Blue tweeted… “Having tattoos on your h*e is not a flex, you seriously f**d Cardi B’s husband a couple of weeks ago.” I’m sick of n***s staring at me while they f**g you get the rest of em gone as soon as possible.”

Chrisean appears to be tweeting back at Blueface right now, claiming that it isn’t real, to which Blue answered with exact dates and times… “So you ain’t f**ing Cardi B’s spouse on November 10th at 4 a.m. at their house in Los Angeles…”Am I making this up?” Offset weighed in on the back and forth, adding, “Yeah, Blue is making it up.” Chrisean, who’s been battling with Blueface a lot lately, notably over her infant boy, levelled her own accusations at him… including claims that she’d seen Blueface’s Internet search history recently and found some homosexual porn results, which he denied.


Offset Has Promptly And Forcefully Denied Sleeping With Chrisean Rock Following Blueface’s Claim

Offset has promptly and forcefully denied sleeping with Chrisean Rock following Blueface’s claim the two had an encounter last month. Blueface sparked outrage on social media on Sunday (December 10) when he accused his ex-girlfriend of sleeping with the Migos artist. “Being tatted on h*e is not a flex you seriously f*cked Cardi B’s husband a couple of weeks ago I’ve had enough of n-ggas staring at me while they f*cking you get the rest of ’em gone asap please,” That’s what he said. Offset attempted to diffuse the situation by refuting Blueface’s assertions. “You need some help, man,” Offset answered. “I won’t talk to or touch that lady.” Blueface subsequently backed up his statements, naming November 10 as the precise day of the purported encounter between Offset & Rock. Despite trying to keep your secret, you continue to appear on these apps. “I will only state facts all the time,” he wrote. Then you’re not going to f*ck Cardi’s spouse on November 10th at 4 a.m. at their Los Angeles house. Are you kidding me?

This is not the first time Cardi B’s hubby has been accused of cheating. Cardi vowed to sue a Twitter user who claimed Offset of cheating during the summer. “So you guys are about to receive a letter from his lawyer,” Cardi said in a since-deleted voice note on X. “All these little online games you are playing, it’s over with.” “You’re going to be sued, and this will be an example of your behaviour,” she said. Yeah, and by the way, that was a horrible A.I. voice. So, yes [kisses mic] bye!” Blueface & Chrisean have had a long-running spat between them, which led to Offset’s allegation. Earlier this weekend, the “Thotiana” rapper told fans on social media that he had volunteered for a DNA test to establish his son’s paternity with Chrisean. The test supposedly confirmed that he is not the father of the child, who was born following the couple’s breakup earlier this year.


Offset’s Alleged Affair with Chrisean Rock Amidst Kai Cenat’s Jail Stream Ignites Online Controversy


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