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Nicki Minaj’s Super Freaky Girl “One Thing About Me” Tiktok Trend Explained

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TikTok One thing about me Trend

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TikTok is having the “One thing about me” trend from Nicki Minaj’s song Freaky Girl going all viral. Well, though it isn’t something new to have a song or its one specific line go extremely viral on TikTok. However, the one that’s recently grabbed everyone’s attention is all about Nicki Minaj’s song Freaky Girl song.

Read ahead to know more about Nicki Minaj’s song “One thing about me” going viral as a trend on TikTok.

Nicki Minaj’s “One thing about me” from Freaky Girl goes viral as trend

We have had several songs on TikTok going viral creating a trend out of it. Well, among these we had one song of Nicki Minaj going extremely viral on the app. Yes, Nicki’s song Freaky Girl has been trending a lot on the app with its line “One thing about me”.

one thing about me:

♬ original sound – Taylor

Freaky Girl has a line in the song “One thing about me, I’m the baddest alive”. Which has now turned into a trend on TikTok making everyone go crazy after it. In case, you haven’t tried this trend yet. Here’s what you must know about it.

What’s making “One thing about me” trend go viral?

Nicki Minaj’s song Freaky Girl was a hit song back when it came out. However, in that song, one specific line “One thing about me” is gaining immense popularity. As it has now become a trend in which users have made videos.

The line “One thing about me” in the trend as users reveal a fact about them that’s unique or amusing to all in the trend. While Nicki Minaj’s song’s line plays in the background. So, far thousands of videos have been made on this viral trend.


Users’ reaction to “One thing about me” trend

Users love to try any trend that is relatable to them. Hence, One thing about me trend too has given TikTok users a good trend to watch. Everyone trying this trend has revealed a unique fact about themselves that’s amusing to know.

While many of them have tried it in another way as they have made funny or simply odd facts about them revealed in this trend. Others who haven’t tried the trend have simply loved the trend and commented on the same.


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