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Nicki Minaj Superfan Embarks on Cross-Country Journey for NYC Concert, No Money, No Ticket!

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Nicki Minaj Fan

Kevin Mazur/WireImage | X@ThatsSoKeezy


A Nicki Minaj superfan, known as @ThatsSoKeezy, captured the attention of social media when she embarked on a daring journey across the country to see her idol perform live at Madison Square Garden in New York City. What made her journey extraordinary was that she undertook this adventure without any money or a ticket to the concert.

Setting off from Kansas City, Missouri, @ThatsSoKeezy embarked on a 33-hour journey to reach her destination. With unwavering faith and determination, she relied on her job’s fuel card to cover her travel expenses and packed a cooler of sandwiches and drinks to sustain herself along the way.

Despite not having a ticket to the concert, @ThatsSoKeezy remained undeterred. She shared updates of her journey on X, documenting her progress and garnering support from fellow Nicki Minaj fans. Along the way, she received an outpouring of generosity from the Barbz community, with one fan graciously providing her with a ticket to the concert.

Upon arriving in New Jersey, @ThatsSoKeezy continued her journey to New York City, fueled by her unwavering determination to see Nicki Minaj perform live. With the help of supportive fans and newfound friends, she finally made it to Madison Square Garden, where she experienced an unforgettable night filled with music and excitement.

Reflecting on her incredible journey, @ThatsSoKeezy expressed gratitude to the Barbz community for their support and assistance. Meeting fellow fans and sharing the experience of seeing Nicki Minaj live made the journey even more meaningful for her.


As @ThatsSoKeezy’s story captivated social media, fans marveled at her dedication and passion for her favorite artist. While it remains unclear whether Nicki Minaj was aware of her fan’s extraordinary journey, @ThatsSoKeezy’s adventure serves as a testament to the power of music and the unwavering devotion of fans around the world.


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